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A tactical paintball pistol will definitely add more fun and spice to your game.  Use your pistol as a back up weapon or your main paintball firearm.  Lightweight to carry, easy to use and extremely realistic, paintball pistols are the gun of choice for close quarter battles and life-like scenario action.  Arm yourself with a tactical pistol and save money during our Spring sale!

TPX Pistol w/Rifled Barrel + SilencerTPX Pistol w/Rifled Barrel + Silencer
Paintball Pistol Packages Sale!

Paintball Pistol Packages Sale!

Cheap Pistol Accessories on Sale...

Cheap Pistol Accessories on Sale...

12g CO2 Cylinder (24 Pack)12g CO2 Cylinder (24 Pack)
Tactical Paintball Pistol Leg Holster (.68 cal pistols)Tactical Paintball Pistol Leg Holster (.68 cal pistols)
US Swat Tactical Leg Holster (.43 cal pistols)US Swat Tactical Leg Holster (.43 cal pistols)

First decide on the size of the pistol you like; if you’re into playing the ‘Dirty Harry’ persona and like larger paintball pistols, choose a .68 caliber.  If you’re going to keep it in a holster and don’t want it in your way until you need it, choose a .43 caliber paintball pistol as more of a back-up weapon.  If realism is your goal, choose one of the .43 cal pistols; they are some of the most accurate replicas of real firearms.

Remember also that the .43 caliber pistol fire .43 caliber paintballs, a smaller size ball than the standard .68 caliber.  This means many commercial paintball fields/parks may not offer ammunition for the smaller pistols if they only sell .68.  In these cases, you will either have to bring your own or not take your favorite paintball pistol to that park.  For back woods brawling, any size will do however!

The best way to carry a tactical paintball pistol is in a pistol holster.  Available holsters allow you to carry your pistol paintball marker on your thigh, belt or on the front of your tactical vest.  Most players choose to carry their pistols with the thigh holster because they are the easiest for the quickest draw time.  Larger, .68 caliber pistols are quite bulky when stored in a front holster pouch on a vest; vests hold .43 cal pistols best.

Take advantage of our Spring Pistol Sale to stock up on the coolest looking paintball guns on the field.  Pick out your favorite paintball pistol and add a leg holster, extra magazines and CO2 cartridges for a complete package.  Find a great selection of low priced paintball pistols and accessories for sale at ChoicePaintballGuns.com!

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