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If You’re Tired Of Losing To Players With Faster, Fully Automatic Paintball Guns, Improve Your Marker’s Shooting Speed By Upgrading With An Electronic Trigger. Here We Offer The Best Selection Of Paintball Gun Trigger Accessories On Sale For Cheap Prices

When using a beginner’s basic model paintball gun, you will invariably encounter getting beat by players who have faster, more advanced markers.  This experience often leads most players on the search for some type of upgrade that will give their gun more shooting speed.  The best way of doing this is by upgrading with an electronic trigger.  Most electronic triggers upgrade your paintball gun to fully automatic firing, giving you a definite tactical advantage with much faster action.  Trigger upgrades are available for most brand name markers and are fairly easy to install with an instruction manual and a few simple tools.

A-5 Response Trigger KitA-5 Response Trigger Kit
Project Salvo Response TriggerProject Salvo Response Trigger
Spyder MRX/MR5 Advance E-Trigger FrameSpyder MRX/MR5 Advance E-Trigger Frame
Tacamo AK Trigger AssemblyTacamo AK Trigger Assembly
Tippmann 98 Double Trigger KitTippmann 98 Double Trigger Kit
Tippmann 98 Response Trigger KitTippmann 98 Response Trigger Kit

Electronic paintball markers are classified as such because they are guns that come with an electronic trigger already installed.  While these are mostly higher end competition paintball guns used for speedball tournaments, most all other markers are semi-automatic.  The only way to compete with these faster shooting electronic guns is to level the playing field by upgrading your existing paintball marker with a trigger that has more firing options.
While most players go right after the electronic option, there are other trigger upgrades available.  Double triggers are a simple (non-electronic) option that are easy to install, simple to use and available for many brands of paintball guns.  Double triggers allow you the ability to shoot much faster by quickly fluttering your index and middle finger.  With the right technique and a bit of practice, two fingers can pull twice as fast as one.  Compare with electronic style triggers, double triggers do not require batteries and are considerably cheaper.
If you have a Tippmann paintball gun, electronic triggers for fully automatic action are not the only accessories available.  If you own a 98 Custom, Tipppmann A5 or any of the US Army paintball guns, a response trigger is also a fun option for faster shooting.  With a response trigger, your marker remains semi-automatic, however has a much faster firing rate as it makes the gun’s trigger more sensitive.  A response trigger accessory allows for less pressure applied with each pull for a quicker reaction from the gun.
For a fully automatic paintball gun, you must have an electronic trigger.  The best e-triggers give your marker several different firing options; the most common being semi-auto, 3 round burst and fully automatic.  The best electronic triggers for competition markers come with several settings to customize your gun to the specific firing requirements of different tournaments.  In scenario paintball, most tactical paintball markers resemble extremely realistic military machine guns and assault rifles; a fully automatic trigger makes these guns much more lifelike. 
Consider your decision to upgrade your paintball marker with an e-trigger carefully however.  Weilding a fully automatic paintball gun will definitely add more realism and serious speed to your game, however not without a price.  By releasing a steady stream of paintballs by simply holding the gun’s trigger, you can cover a much wider area with paint and hit targets much easier.  Compared to the one ball per trigger pull of a semi-auto marker, you can fire huge volumes of paintballs much faster with fully automatic triggers.
The downfall of fully automatic paintball guns is how expensive they can be.  Not including the up-front expense of actually purchasing one, fully auto e-triggers can waste a lot of ammo very quickly.  If you’re not careful, it’s easy to burn through all your paintballs with just a few extended trigger pulls.  Constantly running out of ammo not only interrupts your game but also causes you to spend more money on having to buy more.
Upgrading your semi-auto marker with an e-trigger may also force you to upgrade to an electronic loader.  Most fully automatic paintball gun triggers shoot faster than what a standard gravity fed hopper can feed, causing your gun to spudder and missfire.  Electronic paintball loaders feed ammo at a faster, more constant rate and are sometimes the only way to satisfy the appetite of a speedy e-trigger.  For the best balance of shooting volume and ammo conservation, the 3-round burst option is the best feature and found on nearly all paintball gun electronic triggers. 
Dominate the field with a super fast, fully automatic paintball machine gun by upgrading with an electronic trigger.  Shopping for the best e-triggers is easy and cheap when you buy from our online store.  At Choicepaintballguns, we have an excellent selection of trigger upgrades for all the best competition and realistic tactical paintball markers and our prices are some of the lowest on the net.  We also have top rated service, affordable shipping options and a totally secure shopping cart. 

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