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Add A Fierce Look To Your Tactical Paintball Rifle Or Handgun With A Muzzle Brake Or Fake Silencer. Here We Offer The Best Paintball Gun Silencers & Muzzle Brakes On Sale

Fortunately, scenario paintball is getting more and more popular – so there are many tactical paintball guns, awesome upgrades and accessories available.  In this game, the more realistic your equipment is, the better.  An easy and cheap way to instantly improve the realism of your marker is by adding a paintball gun silencer or muzzle brake to the end of your barrel.  Here is an excellent selection of both…
Arc Muzzle BrakeArc Muzzle Brake
Crossbow Muzzle BrakeCrossbow Muzzle Brake
Flare Muzzle BrakeFlare Muzzle Brake
M177 Whisper Muzzle Brake (.68)M177 Whisper Muzzle Brake (.68)
M300 Twister Muzzle Brake (.68)M300 Twister Muzzle Brake (.68)
M4 Bird Cage Muzzle Brake (.68)M4 Bird Cage Muzzle Brake (.68)
M4 Muzzle Brake (.68)M4 Muzzle Brake (.68)
Machine Gun Barrel ShroudMachine Gun Barrel Shroud
MK23 II Socom SilencerMK23 II Socom Silencer
Musket Muzzle BrakeMusket Muzzle Brake
Narc Muzzle BrakeNarc Muzzle Brake
Raven Muzzle BrakeRaven Muzzle Brake
Reaper SilencerReaper Silencer
Recon Muzzle BrakeRecon Muzzle Brake
RIS Muzzle Brake (.68 Caliber)RIS Muzzle Brake (.68 Caliber)
Saber Muzzle BrakeSaber Muzzle Brake
Scythe Muzzle BrakeScythe Muzzle Brake
Slanted AK47 Muzzle Brake (.68 Caliber)Slanted AK47 Muzzle Brake (.68 Caliber)
Socom SilencerSocom Silencer
Soundwave Muzzle BrakeSoundwave Muzzle Brake
Spear Muzzle BrakeSpear Muzzle Brake
Special Ops Thread-On Silencer (.68 Caliber)Special Ops Thread-On Silencer (.68 Caliber)
Stiletto Muzzle BrakeStiletto Muzzle Brake
Tiberius Mock SilencerTiberius Mock Silencer

A common first upgrade for most players is a rifled barrel to improve shooting performance.  Next, a paintball gun muzzle brake or silencer will turn your marker into the ultimate realistic tactical paintball assault rifle.  While silencers and barrel muzzle brakes for paintball guns are mostly non-functional, they do an excellent job of adding a fierce look to any pistol or rifle you can add them to.
Even though the idea is very novel, unfortunately paintball gun silencers and muzzle brakes generally do not improve the performance of your marker.  Silencers for paintball guns do not actually suppress noise.  This is because the noise made from shooting a paintball rifle or pistol is produced from inside the gun, rather than at the barrel, like a real firearm. 
It should be well known before buying, that paintball gun silencers are essentially fake, however some will add a bit more length to the gun’s barrel.  Most paintball gun silencers are between 3-4 inches long however are generally not a real extension to barrel.  The few silencers that are can transform your barrel into a sniper, allowing you to shoot farther and straighter.
The great thing about muzzle brakes and silencers for paintball guns is there are so many different designs, shapes and sizes to choose from.  Installing a silencer or muzzle brake on a tactical paintball gun or pistol is easy; they simply screw onto the end of your gun’s barrel.  Threading on the end of your paintball gun’s barrel is essential however and these accessories will not fit on your gun without it.
Fortunately, muzzle brakes and silencers are very affordable accessories to upgrade your tactical paintball gun with.  Many players find it reasonable to buy both at the same time so they can just switch them out any time they want a new look for their rifle or paintall pistol.   Buy the most realistic silencers and muzzle brakes for your gun from our huge selection at; we are glad to sell such quality equipment at discount prices!

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