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Lose Yourself In Extremely Realistic Scenario Woodsball With A Good Semi Automatic Tactical Paintball Rifle. Here We Offer The Best New Paintball Gun Rifles & Army Style Markers For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices

Using the right semi automatic paintball gun will make or break your game and ultimately determine whether you have a day on the field you’ll never forget or wished you never came.  If your paintball gun doesn’t shoot straight or isn’t powerful enough to hit anyone, your game will invariably suffer and so will your team.  As opposed to basic starter model markers, realistic army style paintball rifles are the best weapons possible for scenario woodsball.  Because of their size and features, most tactical paintball rifles for sale shoot much more accurately and at farther distances, making them significantly more effective and fun to play with.  With the right type of paintball rifle, you will quickly become famous on the field with record numbers of eliminations and good times.  Here is a great collection of the best new paintball gun rifles you can buy for cheap, discount prices…
Alpha Black Enforcer MarkerAlpha Black Enforcer Marker
Alpha Black M4 Tactical MarkerAlpha Black M4 Tactical Marker
Alpha Black Tactical RIS MarkerAlpha Black Tactical RIS Marker
BT Delta Special Ops Paintball MarkerBT Delta Special Ops Paintball Marker
BT Tacamo K416 MarkerBT Tacamo K416 Marker
Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - BlackDye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Black
Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Dark EarthDye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Dark Earth
Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - DyeCamDye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - DyeCam
Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Lim. Ed. SilverbackDye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Lim. Ed. Silverback
Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - OliveDye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun - Olive
Empire BT DFender Paintball Gun - BlackEmpire BT DFender Paintball Gun - Black
Empire BT DFender Paintball Gun - EarthEmpire BT DFender Paintball Gun - Earth
Empire BT DFender Paintball Gun - OliveEmpire BT DFender Paintball Gun - Olive
Honorcore TGR1 Marker - BlackHonorcore TGR1 Marker - Black
Maxtact TGR2 MK2Maxtact TGR2 MK2
Maxtact TGR2 MK2 CQB IIMaxtact TGR2 MK2 CQB II
Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 Mag Fed Paintball Gun (HDE)Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 Mag Fed Paintball Gun (HDE)
Project Salvo Enforcer MarkerProject Salvo Enforcer Marker
Project Salvo Extreme Enforcer MarkerProject Salvo Extreme Enforcer Marker
Project Salvo Paintball GunProject Salvo Paintball Gun
Project Salvo Paintball Gun - TanProject Salvo Paintball Gun - Tan
Real Action Paintball Marker T4E MRReal Action Paintball Marker T4E MR
Tiberius T15 DMR Sniper Paintball MarkerTiberius T15 DMR Sniper Paintball Marker
Tiberius T15 Paintball RifleTiberius T15 Paintball Rifle
Tippmann .50 CALIBER TMC MarkerTippmann .50 CALIBER TMC Marker
Tippmann 98 AK47 MarkerTippmann 98 AK47 Marker
Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series M4 Carbine MarkerTippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series M4 Carbine Marker
Tippmann 98 Enforcer MarkerTippmann 98 Enforcer Marker
Tippmann 98 Extreme Enforcer MarkerTippmann 98 Extreme Enforcer Marker
Tippmann 98 Tacamo K416 MarkerTippmann 98 Tacamo K416 Marker
Tippmann A5 Crossfire 2 MarkerTippmann A5 Crossfire 2 Marker
Tippmann A5 M4 Elite PythonTippmann A5 M4 Elite Python
Tippmann A5 Marker with Flatline Barrel PackageTippmann A5 Marker with Flatline Barrel Package
Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 MarkerTippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Marker
Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Night Ops MarkerTippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Night Ops Marker
Tippmann A5 Stealth Paintball MarkerTippmann A5 Stealth Paintball Marker
Tippmann A5 Tacamo K416 MarkerTippmann A5 Tacamo K416 Marker
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun - DesertTippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun - Desert
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun - OliveTippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun - Olive
Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Marker - BlackTippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Marker - Black
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The production of realistic tactical paintball guns for woodsball has transformed the game of paintball.  Instead of the traditional short, timed, elimination matches, paintballers are now enjoying the thrill of tactical strategies in adrenaline filled missions using paintball markers that resemble real guns and even famous firearms.  With the right tactical paintball rifle, it’s easy to get lost in the mission at hand; ultra realistic paintball guns are terrific fun for a full immersion woodsball experience.  Some types of army style paintball guns are so authentic looking, you must carry them in a discreet case in public or authorities may confiscate them.  The best semi automatic paintball rifles for sale are also frequently used by armed forces and law enforcement units for tactical scenario training exercises and safe combat simulations that are as realistic as possible, however these guns are not cheap.  Fortunately, there are many versions of paintball guns rifles available at discount prices for the recreational player.   

There are many advantages to using a good paintball rifle as opposed to sticking with the basic cheap starter model marker you learned on.  In comparison, tactical paintball rifles have butt stocks, hand guards and often longer, high performance barrels, while basic beginner model guns have only the bare minimum.  While these features are responsible for giving your rifle its fierce custom look, they also improve performance allowing your gun to shoot straighter and farther.  When deciding on the right type of semi automatic army paintball rifle, choose one for sale that will best match your style of play and your position on the field.  If you really want to be famous on the field, be careful to consider the size and weight of your tactical marker to fit your action level in the game.  Make sure the paintball gun rifle you choose is not only cheap enough for your budget but also powerful enough to shoot the distance needed for the position you play.
If you enjoy playing the backfield, choose a good semi automatic paintball rifle for sale that has a lengthy barrel, long range optics and perhaps a bipod for stabilizing your marker on a surface.  Back player position paintball rifles are famous for being heavy and hard to carry.  If you choose this type of tactical rifle, be prepared to be stationary on the field.  If you play the scout or enjoy the front lines of battle where you’re constantly on the go, a cheaper priced paintball rifle that’s lightweight, compact, easy to wield and accurate with shorter distances is best.  The army infantrymen or heavy gunners should choose paintball gun rifles that are not only accurate in mid to long range distances but can also withstand tons of constant firing.  These paintball marker rifles should be mid-sized, fully equipped but still light enough to move wherever the action is.     
For the longest lasting (and least interrupted) scenario play, consider buying a semi automatic paintball rifle for sale from a brand name company.  Famous brand name companies often have higher quality products that will last longer during extremely rough play.  For example, the best brand name guns often have their main body/receiver made of die-cast aluminum as opposed to cheap, less durable plastic.  Brand name paintball markers are also usually covered by some type of service warranty or quality assurance guarantee.  It’s smart to check into warranties before buying to make sure you are covered if there’s a break down or the product is defective.  Another nice advantage of sticking with brand names is there are usually more upgrades available for the most fun with further customization.  While some brands specialize in cheap priced starter guns, others are more famous for producing extremely realistic army types of tactical paintball rifles.
If the difference between having a fun day or an amazing day you’ll never forget relies on how realistic your army paintball gun is, the type you choose is an important decision!  Take your time shopping for a semi automatic tactical paintball rifle that will make you famous for jaw dropping performances every time you play.  To make sure you get a cool looking, quality paintball rifle for the cheapest price, it’s equally important you shop at a store with a good reputation and a top selection.  Find brand name, best selling paintball rifle markers for sale at discount prices in our online store.  We have great information on each type of gun we feature so making your decision about which new woodsball rifle is best for you is easy.  We are also available by phone or email should you have any questions or need any help purchasing.  

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