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Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Night Ops Marker

Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Night Ops Marker

Tippmann A5 SOCOM M4 Night Ops Marker
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The SOCOM M4 Night Ops marker is basically the SOCOM M4 but with as many cool gadgets attached to it you can get. This gun is the ultimate in technical, special ops, full speed ahead tactical paintball. The SOCOM M4 Night Ops paintball marker comes standard as semi-automatic, so you may want to seriously consider adding the electronic trigger upgrade to your order. This will give you several firing options... 3 round burst, semi and fully automatic - making this gun much more realistic and ready for all types of battle.

The magazine is non-functional (other than acting as a small storage compartment), however greatly adds to the tactical look and feel of the gun. Two super bright flashlights make night ops training and midnight paintball gaming a breeze; light up your target and blind your opponent in the headlights at the same time! The A5 SOCOM M4 Night Ops marker also comes equipped with a green laser - for pinpoint accuracy and easier to see in the daytime hours (as opposed to red dot lasers).

The Blade Holographic red dot scope is also great for easy target acquisition for precision aiming and will greatly improve your shot when combined with the green laser beam. Line up the red dot from the scope with the green dot from the laser and be dead-on target every time!

This package includes:
- 1 x Tippmann A5 Marker (standard trigger)
- 1 x SOCOM M4 Magazine
- 1 x SOCOM M4 Body Shroud
- 1 x 10" Recon Rifled Barrel
- 1 x Vortex Muzzle Brake
- 1 x M4 Carbine Buttstock
- 1 x Vertical Grip
- 2 x Super Bright Quick Detachable Tactical Flashlights
- 1 x Green Laser Beam
- 1 x Blade Holographic Red Dot Scope

*Some assembly may be required

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