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Disposable CO2 Cartridges For Paintball Guns Are Cheap, Easy to Use and Readily Available. Here We Offer Low Priced Disposable CO2 Cylinders & Tanks of All Sizes

It’s not always easy to find refills for your paintball gun CO2 tanks.  When this is the case, disposable CO2 cartridges may be the answer.  The most common size of disposable CO2 cylinders is the 12 gram, however there are also several other sizes available.  Make sure of the size your paintball marker requires before buying so you’re sure of compatibility.  Here is a great selection of all available sizes…

12g CO2 Cylinder (12 Pack)12g CO2 Cylinder (12 Pack)
12g CO2 Cylinder (24 Pack)12g CO2 Cylinder (24 Pack)
Bulk 12g CO2 Cylinder (500 Pack)Bulk 12g CO2 Cylinder (500 Pack)
Bulk 12g CO2 Paintball Cylinders (300 Pack)Bulk 12g CO2 Paintball Cylinders (300 Pack)
Rechargeable 12g CO2 CylinderRechargeable 12g CO2 Cylinder

Disposable CO2 tanks are cheap, readily available and easy to use.  They are used to power many different air guns including air soft rifles, pellet/BB guns and of course, paintball markers.  While most paintball rifles use refillable CO2 tanks, nearly all paintball pistols are powered by disposable CO2 cylinders.
The great thing about disposable CO2 tanks is they are very small, lightweight and easy to carry.  When used in a paintball rifle or pistol, they’re often hidden completely within the stock of the gun.  Despite offering a limited amount of shots and having to be changed frequently, the size and weight of disposable CO2 cylinders allows the player to carry many.
Disposable CO2 tanks come in various different sizes, however the 12g cartridges are the most common, easiest to find and cheapest to buy.  Larger sizes of disposable CO2 cylinders offer more shots, however will often not fit in the same places the 12g size will.  The larger disposable CO2 tanks are often used in air rifles and few tactical paintball markers with an adaptor. 
At ChoicePaintballGuns, we are glad to sell paintball air tanks and accessories as such cheap prices; we keep disposable CO2 cylinders of all sizes in stock and ready to ship at any time.  When ordering, please keep in mind disposable CO2 tanks contain live CO2 and can only be sent using ground shipping.  We cannot ship disposable CO2 cylinders by air or internationally.
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