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Improve Your Speed & Agility On Any Playing Surface When You Wear High Performance Paintball Footwear. We Offer The Best Paintball Athletic Shoes Including Cleats w/Interchangeable Spikes For Sale at Discount Prices

GI Sportz Faster'R Paintball CleatGI Sportz Faster'R Paintball Cleat
HK Army Shredder 2 Paintball Cleat - Black / GreyHK Army Shredder 2 Paintball Cleat - Black / Grey
HK Army Shredder Paintball Cleat - BlueHK Army Shredder Paintball Cleat - Blue
HK Army Shredder Paintball Cleat - RedHK Army Shredder Paintball Cleat - Red

When it comes to apparel, you can get away with wearing just about anything to play paintball.  However winning competitions demand more attention to detail, especially at higher levels.  The timed matches of tournament speedball require fast thinking and even faster movement.  Athletes must be able to explode up from the ground, change directions on a dime and sprint to the next bunker.  Without proper footwear to provide the traction needed, you will be a fumbling mess, slipping, falling, missing important shots and getting beat by players who have the upper hand with the best gear possible.  If you’re serious about paintball, paying close attention to the shoes you wear can pay big dividends in your performance.  While most good athletic shoes will do, spending the extra money on a good pair of cleats designed specifically for paintball will most certainly give you an edge.  The best paintball shoes are super lightweight, have plenty of support and provide excellent grip on the field to offer incredible push-off power for iron stability during explosive movements.  Unfortunately, there are few paintball cleats and sneaker models to choose from, with only two different styles offered; however both are worth considering.
The first style you will find is an actual paintball cleat.  There are only a couple of these on the market with one brand offering interchangeable spikes.  If you like the traction a cleat provides, a cheaper way to go can be found in soccer footwear.  Soccer cleats can get the job done, however do not offer the versatility paintball cleats with interchangeable spikes will.  Paintball fields vary with indoor, outdoor and tournament playing surfaces including grass, dirt, turf and even mud.  Other athletic footwear and cleats may work well for grass and dirt fields but may leave you slipping on turf.  Besides the comfort and agility they provide, the best thing about paintball cleats with interchangeable spikes is their ability to customize for different types of fields.  Another great advantage of paintball cleats is they have their spikes arranged to help you optimize your performance.  The best paintball cleat footwear has a sole that extends around the toes and sides of the foot for extra traction when crawling and fast acceleration for an explosive drive toward a bunker. 
Another style of paintball footwear is more of a cross between an athletic sneaker and a cleat.  While these shoes do not have rows of spikes that sink into soft ground but rather numerous smaller rubber teeth dispersed strategically over the sole.  The cleats on these shoes are not interchangeable which means you don’t have to worry about losing one if it falls out but you can also not customize this footwear to the playing field.  Comparatively, these paintball shoes tend to be more durable than the styles with removable cleats however lose traction as they age when the rubber wears down after lots of use.  Paintball sneakers with rubber teeth are marketed as having good traction on any playing surface however work best on turf and dirt.  Wet grass and mud pose a challenge to paintball shoes that lack obvious spikes to sink into the ground.  Designed with a combination of mesh materials and leather, this type of footwear is not only the most comfortable to wear during play but can also be worn off the field.  Looking less like a cleat and more like regular athletic footwear, this type of paintball shoe is stylish and goes with any outfit.   
Whether you’re looking for the latest paintball fashion or a competitive edge on the field, a good pair of paintball shoes is your best bet.  For tournament play, set yourself apart with a pair of paintball cleats so you can have unbeatable traction for any field you encounter.  The right footwear will give you more comfort, better agility and speed for a top shelf performance even the pros will admire.  Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet to find what few brands of paintball shoes are available when you shop at our online store.  We carry all the best paintball cleats and stylish footwear on the market making your shopping easy and convenient.  The paintball shoes we sell are the best quality you will find and for the cheapest prices possible.  Should you happen to order the wrong size, we also have a very easy return policy and will be glad to help you get the correct fit.  We have top rated customer service and stand ready to answer questions or help with your order at any time.  Please contact us by phone or email with your questions or need help.

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