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Improve The Performance of Your Tippmann Paintball Gun By Adding A New Barrel! Here We Offer The Best Barrels For All Tippmann Tactical Markers On Sale For Cheap Prices

While Tippmann paintball guns are some of the top tactical markers you can buy, their look and performance can be significantly improved by adding a new barrel.  As popular as Tippmann paintball gear is, there are many brands that produce top notch barrels offering much variety in size and function.  There are numerous barrels for literally every Tippmann paintball gun with most being quite affordable; here is a complete selection…

While there are many paintball gun barrels to choose from for Tippmann markers, they aren’t necessarily all compatible with each other.  For example, the Tippmann A5 and X7 Phenom have compatible barrel threads and can use each others barrels.  The same is true for the Tippmann 98 and US Army Series paintball guns; these Tippmann paintball gun barrels are compatible (however not with the A5 or X7).
When buying a barrel for your Tippmann paintball gun, look for certain features to ensure the best performance.  For example, a barrel that’s rifled will provide straighter, farther distance shooting.  Barrels with porting or fluting have tiny holes in them that helps reduce air turbulence and propels the paintball much farther.  Some barrels have spiral patterns inside to help put a spin on the ball for more accurate shot as well.
With so much variation, fortunately all lengths of barrels are available for Tippmann paintball markers.  Choose the length of your barrel based on how far you need to shoot and what position you play on the field.  Short, 1-3 inch barrels will transform your Tippmann into a paintball sub machine gun that’s excellent for the front players or scout.
Mid-length barrels are great for the infantryman and make the best tactical assault rifle paintball guns.  The longest barrels are often used by back players and snipers for the most accurate, long range shooting.  Use the length of your barrel to help give your Tippmann tactical paintball gun a new look, character or function.
Buy a new barrel for your Tippmann paintball marker to increase your shooting distance and precision.  When you buy one from ChoicePaintballGuns, you will be backed by quality service, product warranties and know you got the best price.  We have an exhaustive selection of Tippmann paintball gun barrels and other accessories to choose from so there are tons of upgrade options available.

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