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Improve Your Paintball Gun’s Range & Accuracy By Transforming It Into A Custom Military Replica Sniper Rifle. Here We Offer Paintball Gun Sniper Parts Packages & Mod Kits On Sale For Cheap Prices

Try your hand as a sniper for a different scenario gaming experience.  Successful sniping relies on your ability to stay hidden while terrorizing and eliminating opponents with  precision shooting skills.  To do this best, you will need a sniper paintball rifle that’s reliable… what’s more reliable than your existing paintball gun you’re already an expert at using?  Convert your favorite tactical marker into the ultimate sniper rifle with a sniper paintball gun parts package; here is a great selection….  
BT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Sniper KitBT Paintball Gun Sidewinder Sniper Kit
BT Paintball Gun Sniper KitBT Paintball Gun Sniper Kit
BT TM15 Sniper KitBT TM15 Sniper Kit
PCS US5 Sidewinder Sniper KitPCS US5 Sidewinder Sniper Kit
Project Salvo Sidewinder Sniper KitProject Salvo Sidewinder Sniper Kit
Spyder M16 Sniper KitSpyder M16 Sniper Kit
Tippmann 98 Sniper KitTippmann 98 Sniper Kit
Tippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper KitTippmann A5 Frostbite Sniper Kit
Tippmann X7 Phenom Sidewinder Sniper KitTippmann X7 Phenom Sidewinder Sniper Kit
U.S. Army Carver One Sniper KitU.S. Army Carver One Sniper Kit

Sniper paintball markers have unique parts that translate into better rifle performance – increased distance and accuracy for precision shooting is the name of the sniper’s game.  To acquire this, you will need a paintball gun sniper barrel, a bipod and a sniper scope; these items will make a tremendous difference in shooting farther and more precisely.  The cheapest way to buy everything you need is in a package or a kit. 
Sniper kits for paintball guns take all the guesswork out of not knowing which parts to get to best transform your gun.  Most paintball gun sniper upgrade kits include an 18” barrel (or longer), some type of hand guard, a bipod, necessary mounts to attach the parts and most often a long range sniper scope.  Sniper kits are available for most brand name paintball markers and usually cost significantly less than if you bought the individual parts separately. 
If there is more than one kit available for the type of tactical paintball marker you have, look for sniper kits with parts that will not only improve performance of your gun, but will allow your gun to best match your style of play.  If you’re a sniper who likes to stay on the move rather than sit and wait for the perfect shot, choose a kit that will give you a sniper paintball gun that’s lightweight, fast and has a scope that allows quick targeting. 
Some snipers like to stay hidden from a distance; secretly surveying their opponents through a long range scope, waiting for the opportunity of the perfect shot.  Snipers who prefer this method should choose a sniper kit that will give their gun the ultimate in distance and accuracy.  This ‘lay and wait’ strategy allows you to choose nearly any sniper kit available, not having to worry if the parts might weigh your gun down.
Sniper paintball gun kits are a great way to transform your existing marker into an awesome military replica sniper rifle that not only looks the part but performs better too.  Most sniper kits are also very easy to assemble, taking only minutes to add everything to your marker.  After adding a sniper kit to your paintball gun, you will be amazed at much farther and more accurate you can shoot!
At, we don’t want you to have to spend a lot of money to have fun playing paintball, and our prices reflect this.  We have a great selection of sniper paintball gun kits to fit most brand name tactical markers – at discount prices; we have cheap paintball kits!  Don’t be afraid to try the sniper position; it’s simple and cheap to transform your existing paintball gun with one of our quality kits.
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