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You Will Quickly Surpass Your Opponents When You Power Your Marker w/a High Tech Air System Rather Than a Basic Gas Tank. Here, You Can Buy Top Quality Brand Name Paintball Air Tanks & Top Performing Air Systems For Sale at Discount Prices

Without an air tank, your paintball gun simply will not shoot; these provide the gas to power your marker.  It’s important to know what you’re looking for when buying a tank, so you can be assured you have a good air system that’s best for your particular paintball gun and style of play.  Paintball tanks are generally very safe to use, however small dents and dings can render a tank unusable.  Some stores sell used air tanks that have been refurbished, however these can be unreliable and even dangerous.  All paintball gas tanks for sale have a safety rating with an expiration date.  When the date expires, the air tank must be hydro tested to ensure its safety for continued play.  While most brand new paintball gas tanks for sale have fairly cheap prices, it’s easiest to buy new and avoid the hassle and cost of this process.  When purchasing a good gas tank for your paintball gun, make sure the expiration date will allow you plenty of play time before it has to be replaced.  For the most fun and consistent play, buying several air tanks is smart, but only if you’ve purchased them from a reliable source! 
Most standard paintball gun air systems for sale come in various sizes with the larger carrying more gas and therefore offering more shots.  Air tanks with larger sized capacities are more commonly used for scenario paintball guns best equipped for longer games.  Back players and snipers who provide cover fire from stationary positions can afford larger, more cumbersome weapons and larger gas tanks that can handle tons of shooting.  Large size paintball air tanks may not be best for extremely light tournament markers as they may throw off the balance.  While smaller sized air systems for sale may run out of gas much sooner, their lightweight and compact size makes them a better match for the agility required in tournaments and high performance competition guns.  Small air tanks also work great for compact tactical markers used for close quarter battles and fast front line action in scenario paintball.  Even though they have a lesser capacity, air systems with smaller profiles also allow players to carry several tanks during a game to help make up for the lack of shot volume. 
Regardless of the size air system you buy, it’s important you take your time when attaching or removing the air tank from your paintball gun.  If you’re not careful, it’s easy to damage either your marker, gas tank or both.  When attaching the air system to your paintball gun, do not hastily or forcefully twist on the tank without carefully lining up the threads.  If you accidentally chip or de-thread any of the teeth on either the marker or tank, the seal will never be as strong and you will eventually leak air.  After carefully screwing in the tank, do not over tighten but stop at the first hard end feel.  When removing a paintball gun air tank, do not just unscrew it all at once.  Doing this will cause a tiny explosion of air that blasts out of the tank causing you to lose air and producing harmful back pressure on your marker.  To remove the air system from a paintball gun, first unscrew the tank about halfway, then pull the trigger (fire the gun) as you unscrew more until the tank is released.  Taking pressure off the valve like this will lessen the wear and tear on both your marker and tank, making them last longer. 
To have the most fun playing paintball, it’s important to have the safest and best performing air system possible.  This is why it’s also super important to buy your marker gas tanks from a reputable source, like our online store.  We only carry the best brand names who only produce top quality tanks and back them with good warranties.  All the paintball gas tanks for sale in our shop are brand new and have current expiration dates; we do not sell used or refurbished air tanks.  We also offer a huge selection for both scenario and tournament players to match their particular marker and style of play.  Buy your paintball gun air system from us and you will not only get the most reliable and best performing tanks for a cheap price, but you will also get our amazing customer service.  We are glad to help you with your order but it’s important to us that you get exactly what you want as easily and affordably as possible.  If you have questions about which paintball gas tank might be best for you, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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