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Add an Authentic Military Look to Your Paintball Equipment & Disappear Into Your Playing Environment w/the Best Camouflage Gear. We Offer Top Quality Camouflage of All Different Colors & Patterns For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

In scenario paintball, players enjoy the excitement of realistic military missions using replica markers and authentic gear.  This game is also called ‘woodsball’ because it’s played outside in the woods or in any natural environment, just like actual combat.  Because of this, players are smart to use concealment as part of their strategy.  Wearing white or a bright orange outfit will make you stand out so your opponents can easily target you in woodsball.  On the contrary, if you cover your body and gear with military camouflage that helps you blend into your playing environment, you will be much harder to hit.  In fact, the closer you can match the camouflage on your equipment to your background, the better you will do.  Becoming invisible by wearing and using the best camouflage gear will give you a tactical edge in every scenario game you play, concealing you during movement as well stationary hiding. 
The best camouflage to use on paintball equipment (or any military combat application) should have several characteristics.  For the greatest concealment, first choose camouflage gear with the same basic colors of the background you’ll be playing in.  The human eye can distinguish definite shapes when objects have a border that can be seen.  The next characteristic to look for in good military camouflage is a disruptive pattern that will break up your outline so your opponents cannot pick out your body shape.  Camouflaged equipment with pixilated designs and the right matching colors can help create an optical illusion of depth within the pattern, confusing your opponent’s eye even further.  Some of the best camouflage gear includes realistic images of certain aspects of your playing environment, like leaves, sticks and trees.  While this type of camo print is very specific to certain backgrounds and cannot be used in others, it can offer the best invisibility when used correctly.
When camouflaging your military paintball gear, you will use techniques called crypsis or mimicry, or a combination of the two.  Crypsis helps you blend into your environment by covering your body and equipment with natural colors and patterns.  Mimicry offers invisibility by transforming yourself or gear into something entirely different, often using plants and foliage from your playing area.  Regardless of the technique used, you will be most effective if you plan ahead.  Before travelling to the game, it’s best to find out all you can about the climate and local fauna of the playing area so you can choose the correct colors to camouflage your gear properly.  Once you’ve decided on the basic colors and patterns for the camo you want, try to cover all surfaces of your body and equipment for the most complete concealment possible.  After arriving at the game, customize your military tactical outfit and camouflage gear with branches, sticks, grass or leaves from your surroundings, especially if mimicry is the main camo technique in your arsenal.
When you cover your body and all your equipment with the right camouflage you will be gaining every advantage you can in woodsball.  Not only will you become concealed in the background so you can become a stealthy ninja paintball assassin, but good camouflage will also add a much more realistic military look.  You can cover every part of your gear with camouflage for a cheap price when you shop at our online store.  We carry camo gear so you can practice both crypsis and mimicry methods in nearly any environment.  Our camouflage supplies include nearly every color and pattern available so you can be prepared for any background you play in.  The prices we feature are also very affordable, often matching military surplus stores.  Instead of searching through piles disorganized items, shop for the best camouflage and get exactly what you want quickly and for a cheap price from the convenience of your home when you buy your gear from our store.  We also have top rated service should you need help finding something or have a question about size or availability.

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