.43 Caliber Paintballs
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.43 Caliber Paintballs Are Smaller, Lighter to Carry, Cheaper to Ship and Hurt Less Upon Impact. Here We Offer the Best Quality .43 Caliber Paintballs For Sale at Cheap Prices.

After you’ve bought a tactical paintball pistol, chances are high it will use a smaller paintball than normal.  .43 caliber paintballs are mostly used as the ammunition for realistic pistols and few older model paintball rifles.  Here is a great selection of different amounts and types of .43 caliber paintball ammunition on sale for cheap, discount prices…
.43 Paintball Bag (800 ct.).43 Paintball Bag (800 ct.)
.43 Paintballs (2000 ct Orange).43 Paintballs (2000 ct Orange)
.43 Paintballs (Box of 8000).43 Paintballs (Box of 8000)
.43 Paintballs 4000 Ct.43 Paintballs 4000 Ct
.43 Rubber Training Balls (Bag of 500).43 Rubber Training Balls (Bag of 500)
Grenade Launcher Paintballs .43 cal (Box of 8000)Grenade Launcher Paintballs .43 cal (Box of 8000)

While paintballs come in various sizes, .43 caliber is the smallest and cheapest - compared to the standard sized .68 caliber.  You will not see .43 caliber paintballs used in tournaments or commercial fields, however they remain popular and readily available because of the intense popularity of the guns and scenario paintball equipment that use them. 
While the most common use of .43 caliber paintballs is ammunition for the smaller, more realistic paintball pistols, they are also the best size to use in paintball grenade launcher grenades (the M203 in particular).  This size paintball is also commonly used by military and law enforcement officers for mil-sim type training exercises. 
Despite not being the standard size, the smaller .43 caliber paintballs have several advantages.  The small size of the 43 caliber ball makes them much lighter and therefore cheaper to ship.  It also means you can store many more of them in a smaller space; you can store 2000 .43 caliber paintballs in the same size container that will hold barely 500 .68 caliber balls.
Being smaller also means it takes less force to shoot a .43 caliber paintball; this translates into less pain upon impact.  Compared to .68 caliber paint, it doesn’t hurt or leave a bruise when you get hit by a .43 caliber paintball round.  Being smaller and lighter also has advantages when it comes to carrying your equipment; you can carry many more .43 caliber paintballs than any other size.
Another advantage associated with their size is quality and consistency.  The smaller .43 caliber paintball shell is less affected by humidity and temperature changes and often keeps its shape better than its larger counterpart.  With less inconsistencies in their shell shape, most .43 caliber paintballs will fly straighter and perform better. 
At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, we carry an entire line of top quality, cheap priced .43 caliber paintballs.  Our inventory is rarely behind and stock is updated regularly.  It's safe to buy your paintballs from ChoicePaintballGuns; we have the best selection and the cheapest prices!  We are also glad to sell these items in bulk and willing to offer discounts for volume purchases; contact us for a quote!

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