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Improve Performance & Add A Fierce Look To Your Tactical Paintball Pistol With A Rifled Barrel, Muzzle Brake Or Fake Silencer. Here We Offer The Best Paintball Handgun Barrel Kits, Replica Suppressors & Muzzle Brakes On Sale For Cheap Prices

With the popularity of realistic tactical paintball pistols growing and growing, you will see one of these sidearms on nearly every hip in any scenario game.  Suddenly your favorite paintball handgun isn’t so unique anymore and just helps you fit in with the masses.  Step ahead of the crowd when you boast incredible precision and range with a paintball pistol that’s been upgraded with a custom barrel, muzzle brake or realistic silencer.  These accessories are a cheap and super easy way to greatly improve both the look and performance of your realistic tactical paintball gun pistol. 

When you upgrade your paintball pistol with a new rifled barrel, your opponents will be shocked and confused when they are so easily hit from long range.  They will think you have a powerful paintball assault rifle instead of a handgun.  While most tactical paintball pistols have an accurate range of not more than 75 feet, a rifled barrel will greatly improve your gun’s accuracy and distance to beyond 100.  The new and improved range and precision from a rifled barrel will expand your pistol paintball gun’s usefulness in more areas on the field.  The right after market barrel will allow you to not only rule any close quarter combat but still remain very dangerous from the mid field if you have to fall back. 
You can also greatly intimidate your opponents by making your paintball pistol much more fierce looking when you upgrade with a muzzle brake or silencer.  While these accessories are mostly non-functional as far as performance goes, the cool look they bring to your marker is worth the few extra dollars they cost.  Considering mock silencers and muzzle brakes for paintball pistols are only for looks, weigh your options carefully before buying them.  Keep in mind these accessories will add length to your barrel making your marker larger and more cumbersome to weild. Also realize that paintball gun silencers will generally not fit on stock barrels; they only fit onto a rifled barrel with threads on the end of them, so if you want to add a mock suppressor to your pistol, you must also upgrade it with a rifled barrel.
A mock suppressor or cool looking muzzle brake will not only instantly transform your paintball pistol into a hitman’s dream power tool, they will also help you shape what kind of game you want to play.  Paintball gun silencers and muzzle brakes extend the length of your marker making them too bulky to fit in most pistol holsters.  Installing a fake silencer or realistic muzzle brake on your paintball handgun demands you carry it in your hands the whole game; meaning it will have to be your primary marker as you won’t be able to holster it.  To be effective wielding a pistol as your only paintball gun will require you fight within close ranges of your opponents – dangerous, but by far the most exhilarating type of play.
Turn up the intensity of your game by improving both the look and performance of your tactical paintball pistol by adding an awesome accessory to its barrel.  Mock silencers, muzzle brakes and rifled barrels are the cheapest and easiest way to add new zest to your favorite paintball sidearm.  Choose from the best selection on the internet when you shop for these tactical pistol upgrades at our online store.  At Choicepaintballguns, you will also get the cheapest price possible along with top notch service every step of the way.  If you have any questions about these pistol accessories or any of our products, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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