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Carry Your Back-Up Paintball or Airsoft Pistol with Comfort and Easy, Fast Access with a Good Universal Holster. We Offer the Best Selection of Tactical Holsters Including All Styles of Drop Leg Thigh Rigs, Concealed Rib & Belt Slide Models and Military Molle Vest Versions For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

JT Splatmaster z100 Pistol HolsterJT Splatmaster z100 Pistol Holster
MOLLE Ranger Cross Draw Holster (.68 cal pistols)MOLLE Ranger Cross Draw Holster (.68 cal pistols)
MOLLE SWAT Cross Draw Holster (.43 cal pistols)MOLLE SWAT Cross Draw Holster (.43 cal pistols)
Tactical Paintball Pistol Leg Holster (.68 cal pistols)Tactical Paintball Pistol Leg Holster (.68 cal pistols)
Tiberius Paintball Pistol HolsterTiberius Paintball Pistol Holster
Tippmann TPX Leg HolsterTippmann TPX Leg Holster
Tippmann TPX Pistol RAP4 Tactical Leg Holster (Left Handed)Tippmann TPX Pistol RAP4 Tactical Leg Holster (Left Handed)
Tippmann TPX Pistol RAP4 Tactical Leg Holster (Right Handed)Tippmann TPX Pistol RAP4 Tactical Leg Holster (Right Handed)
TPX Pistol Camo HolsterTPX Pistol Camo Holster
US Swat Tactical Leg Holster (.43 cal pistols)US Swat Tactical Leg Holster (.43 cal pistols)
USMG Shoulder HolsterUSMG Shoulder Holster
VTac Tactical HolsterVTac Tactical Holster
VTac Universal HolsterVTac Universal Holster

Tactical paintball and airsoft pistols are super fun to play with however few players choose them as their primary weapon.  Depending on the model, cheap pistol paintball guns have a very limited ammo capacity of 9-10 shots per clip at best.  These markers still make fantastic back up weapons to be used when your primary paintball or airsoft gun runs out of ammo or malfunctions.  When used in this manner however, you’re faced with the issue of carrying it.  It takes both hands to carry your main tactical marker so there is no way to physically wield two guns during combat.  Without a cheap way to holster your sidearm, carrying a back up paintball or airsoft pistol is simply not possible.  Fortunately, there are many ways to comfortably carry your pistol paintball gun so it’s out of the way, easy to move with and readily accessible when you need it.  Belt slide holsters, drop leg rigs for the thigh, harnesses to conceal your pistol over the ribs and specialized universal holsters for the front of military style molle vests are all very cheap and the best ways to carry an extra tactical paintball or airsoft pistol into battle.
A good holster for your paintball or airsoft pistol is essential gear if you want to carry a sidearm, so avoid cheap imitations.  The best holsters keep your tactical marker or airsoft gun tightly secured to the body so it doesn’t move around during all the action and throw off your balance.  Large paintball and airsoft pistols are classic for being fairly cumbersome and difficult to manage without the best holstering system.  Drop leg and thigh rig holsters are the best, most stable and comfortable way to carry these size guns.  These holsters have three points of stabilization to provide the most secure attachment so your gun stays in place for fast action games with lots of movement.  .43 caliber paintball and small airsoft tactical pistols fit best in cheap priced rib and universal belt slide holsters however the rib holsters are best for concealment.  Small paintball and airsoft sidearms also fit well in military style molle vests with a holster attached to the front.  This configuration provides fast access to your weapon while also adding a nice weight to your molle vest.  The best holsters for tactical paintball or airsoft guns are drop leg, thigh rigs and military style molle vest holsters because they fit best with other necessary tactical gear.  Belt slide holsters and cheap waist clip-on styles often interfere with the placement of tactical vests and paintball ammo harnesses. 
When shopping for the best, cheap priced universal holster, make sure you get the right size; large paintball or airsoft pistols will not fit in smaller caliber sized holsters.  It’s also important you choose a paintball or airsoft gun holster for the correct side you draw from.  While some belt, thigh rig and molle holsters are universal and can be used on either side, many are specific for right or left handed shooters.  The best paintball and airsoft holsters for tactical pistols have super sturdy construction, adjustable straps, and extra pouches for carrying accessories like magazine clips or CO2.  If you want to buy the best quality holster for the cheapest price, get yours from our online store.  We specialize in tactical accessories for both paintball and airsoft and have a large selection of styles of pistol holsters including drop leg thigh rigs, belt slide, military style molle vest versions and universal models.  We carry holsters for both small and large caliber paintball and airsoft guns in right and left hand versions in many camouflage and tactical colors for sale at cheap prices.  We also have excellent customer service.  If you need help deciding which drop leg thigh rig, 3-point rib holster or molle vest holster is best for your paintball or airsoft tactical gaming needs, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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