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          Large Inflatable Paintball Arenas

Bring your Paintball Business to the Crowds with the Large Portable Megarena™ Inflatable Paintball Arenas. We offer Top-Rated and Affordable Commercial Blowup Indoor/Outdoor Paintball Field Packages that Include the Best Inflatable Paintball Area and all the Gear you and your Customers Need.

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Being a small business owner, it is so important to always be thinking about not just how to maintain profitability, but also how to grow. When you own a traditional paintball field there is usually a small number of hardcore paintball players in your area that do not require you to do much, other that have a paintball field or arena they can play in, to attract. However, the number of hardcore players is usually not enough to sustain or grow a commercial paintball business.  Commercial Paintball Field business owners need customers that are new to the sport, and lots of them, to really make money. However, you then face the challenge of attracting new customers to your paintball field or arena. Factors such as potential customers distance from your paintball field, expensive and ineffective marketing efforts, and other challenges can make that difficult. Instead of waiting on the customers or hoping for results from an ads campaign invest in the top-rated and affordable commercial indoor/outdoor Megarena™ inflatable paintball arena and gear package. Large portable Megarena™ blowup  paintball arenas will allow you to bring the awesome sport of paintball to the people!

Megarena™ inflatable paintball arenas make it easy and affordable for commercial paintball field owners, and entrepreneurs to bring their business of fun paintball fun and excite to crowds at carnivals, fairs, school game days, private or corporate events, military exercises, remote training locations and more. Your imagination and ability to negotiate are the only limits to your success. These top-rated inflatable portable paintball arenas are great for entrepreneurs, government and military organizations, providing a complete turn-key commercial paintball package without having to source components from multiple suppliers. All of the indoor/outdoor Megarena™ blowup paintball field package comes with everything a business owner needs for up to 12 players to play at a time. All you need is to supply the power from generator or other power source. Everything else comes with these top rated and affordable large portable blowup paintball arenas great for both outdoor or indoor use.

All of the portable inflatable indoor outdoor Megarena™ paintball arena packages are shipped on 5’x5’x5’ metal wheel that makes take down easier. These large commercial inflatable paintball fields lightweight design for painless setup. The included handling wheel makes for easy handling, fast setup, breakdown and compact storage. The handling wheel on these large blowup indoor/outdoor paintball fields is feature only available through Mighty Paintball. The included electric blowers are attached to each portable paintball arena arch base for quick inflation. Each of the top-rated big inflatable paintball arenas arch bases have a vinyl sleeves that will tie around the air outlet of each blower, inflating the whole arena in minutes! The blowers will then continue running to keep your huge indoor or outdoor paintball Megarena™ inflated.  

Besides being easy and fast to set up and take down the Megarena™ portable blowup paintball arena packages, on sale here, come with sandbags, tie down, stakes and pegs, repair kit, artificial turf matching the area of the inflatable paintball arena you buy. 10,000 Mighty BallsTM (reusable paintballs), one 24" wide ball picker included, which is a MUST have to pick up the balls. They also include Tippmann 98 ACT Rental Marker packages, including guns, masks, hoppers and HPA tanks, body armors, arm bands, neck protectors, referee jerseys, hand held radar chrono, table held radar chrono, mini compressor O rings Kit (310 PCs set) These commercial paintball packages come with everything you need to set up, take down and maintain the large inflatable paintball area you invest in. As well as the gear needed for your new customers to play safely with. start making money from your portable blowup commercial paintball arena. Literally everything you need to start making money right away from your blowup indoor or outdoor super huge paintball arena.

At our online Paintball Gear and Supplies store, we offer the top-rated Megarena™ indoor/outdoor inflatable paintball arena packages, at the best possible price. We work directly with the manufacture. Cutting out the middle man, and allowing you to get the best wholesale price. Our discount wholesale prices include free shipping! And no sales tax, for orders outside of Alabama. The price you see is the price you pay. Saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your investment! If you are thinking about how to expand and grow your paintball business, or are an entrepreneur looking for a new source of income; while making your own schedule, and being your own boss, invest in yourself and one of the large Megarena™ indoor/outdoor inflatable paintball arena packages available here. Start building the future for yourself and paintball business you Want and Deserve! Order your Mighty Paintball MegArena all in one package from to get the best discount online sales prices, Free Shipping, and No Sales Tax outside of Alabama!

If you have any questions about the commercial blowup paintball field packages give us a call and one our paintball business experts will be happy to help.

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