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Destroy Your Competition In Close Range With Your Tactical Paintball Pistol When Your Add A Laser Sight, Red Dot or Flashlight. Here We Offer The Best Paintball Handgun Lasers, Red Dot Sights & Tactical Flashlights For Sale At Super Affordable Prices

Close quarter combat using a paintball pistol is one of the most intense experiences you can have in scenario paintball.  While pistol paintball guns carry a limited supply ammo clip, every shot must count.  Any measure that will improve your pistol’s aiming and accuracy should be taken for a greater tactical advantage on the field.  Paintball handgun lasers, compact sights and even flashlights are the cheapest and best way to turn your pistol marker into a precision weapon.  Easy to install and readily available, these accessories will improve your pistol’s performance and give it a fierce, realistic look.  Here is a great selection of the best quality lasers, red dot sights and tactical flashlights for all replica paintball pistols…
Compact Laser SightCompact Laser Sight
NCStar Reflex Red Dot SightNCStar Reflex Red Dot Sight
Pistol Mount LaserPistol Mount Laser
Pistol Mount Laser + Quick Release FlashlightPistol Mount Laser + Quick Release Flashlight
Pistol/Rifle Laser & Mount SetPistol/Rifle Laser & Mount Set
Pistol/Rifle RIS FlashlightPistol/Rifle RIS Flashlight
T68 Pistol Tactical LaserT68 Pistol Tactical Laser
Tippmann TPX Pistol Quick Detachable Flashlight w/Laser ComboTippmann TPX Pistol Quick Detachable Flashlight w/Laser Combo
Valken Flip-up Lens Sight ProtectorValken Flip-up Lens Sight Protector
Valken Hooded Mini Red Dot SightValken Hooded Mini Red Dot Sight
Valken Mini Reflex Red Dot SightValken Mini Reflex Red Dot Sight
Valken RDA20 Mini Red Dot SightValken RDA20 Mini Red Dot Sight
Valken RDA30 Mini Red Dot SightValken RDA30 Mini Red Dot Sight

You will have new confidence when you enter the scenario battlefield with a paintball pistol that’s been upgraded with a laser sight; knowing your shots will be dead-on precise will make you excited to show off its power.  Expert marksmanship couldn’t be easier with a laser sight mounted to your tactical pistol; simply line up your marker’s sights with the red dot on your target and pull the trigger!  Some compact red dot sight’s or holographic sights are also excellent to use on paintball pistols and work the same way.  For the best accuracy possible, use both a laser and red dot sight to line up your gun sights with all the red dots for never-miss shooting precision. 
Pistol lasers, sights and lights will not only improve your marker’s accuracy but will also make your pistol more useful for other aspects of the game.  With a tactical flashlight, your paintball pistol handgun will be the weapon of choice for dimly lit areas and room clearing when fighting inside dark buildings.  Adding a flashlight to your pistol will also allow you to play paintball at night – an incredibly exhilarating experience!  A superbright flashlight attached to your marker will give you the jump on your opponents as they will be temporarily blinded when you point your gun at them and shine the light in their eyes. 
Once you add a cool looking laser sight or flashlight to your paintball pistol, you will proud of its new, fierce tactical look.  These accessories immediately upgrade your replica’s realistic look and feel of the gun while shooting.  Adding a laser or flashlight to the base of its barrel will give your pistol a new balance as well as more substance for your supporting hand to hold while aiming.  It’s also important to remember that these accessories will give your paintball handgun a larger profile, making it impossible to fit in most holsters.  Fortunately, nearly all pistol lasers, sights and flashlights are super easy to install and can also be removed in less than a minute with a couple turns on a knob or with a small alan wrench.
When you’re ready to be a pistol wielding paintball marksman who rules all close quarter combat situations in the game, add a laser, red dot sight or tactical flashlight to your gun.  Buy these realistic accessories and save money when you get them from our online store.  Our entire selection of laser sights, red dots and superbright flashlights are compatible with the standard weaver rail found on most realistic paintball sidearms.  At Choicepaintballguns, we also have a very easy, 100% secure checkout process with many affordable shipping options and choices.  If you have any questions about whether these products are compatible with your paintball gun, please contact us and we will more than willing to help.

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