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Keep the Action Going Even After your Main Scenario Woodsball Marker Runs Out of Gas or Ammo with a Good Paintball Pistol Handgun. We Offer the Best New Tactical Paintball Pistols and Most Realistic CO2 Paintball Handguns For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

First Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber PistolFirst Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber Pistol
FSC Paintball PistolFSC Paintball Pistol
Hitman Dual MG100 EMF100 Paintball Pistol PackageHitman Dual MG100 EMF100 Paintball Pistol Package
JT Paintball ER2 Pump Pistol RTS KitJT Paintball ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit
JT Paintball ER4 Ready 2 Play Kit - Guardian Mask/ 12g CO2/ 30pb's/ LoaderJT Paintball ER4 Ready 2 Play Kit - Guardian Mask/ 12g CO2/ 30pb's/ Loader
JT Splatmaster z100 PistolJT Splatmaster z100 Pistol
MG100 EMF100 Paintball PistolMG100 EMF100 Paintball Pistol
T4E HDP50 Defender Pistol KitT4E HDP50 Defender Pistol Kit
Tippmann Tipx Pistol and OPS Suppressor Kit ComboTippmann Tipx Pistol and OPS Suppressor Kit Combo
Tippmann TiPX Pistol Silencer Combo KitTippmann TiPX Pistol Silencer Combo Kit
Tipx CMP-18 Blaster PackageTipx CMP-18 Blaster Package
Tipx CMP-18 Cobalt PackageTipx CMP-18 Cobalt Package
Tipx CMP-18 Dagger PackageTipx CMP-18 Dagger Package
TIPX Defender Package .68 Cal PistolTIPX Defender Package .68 Cal Pistol
Umarex GLOCK G17 GEN5 T4E Paintball Pistol (First Edition)Umarex GLOCK G17 GEN5 T4E Paintball Pistol (First Edition)
Umarex T4E HK VP9 Paintball PistolUmarex T4E HK VP9 Paintball Pistol
Umarex T4E TR50 Revolver 0.50 CAL - Combat GreyUmarex T4E TR50 Revolver 0.50 CAL - Combat Grey
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In the heat of battle, running out of ammo, air or a malfunctioning paintball gun is a nightmare for any serious player.  Going into an extended scenario game with only one weapon is like going to summer camp with only one pair of underwear; if you stay long enough, you’re going to need something fresh.  The high pressure gases that run through most realistic tactical woodsball markers are hard on these guns and breakdowns are common.  Unfortunately, the most breakdowns occur during battle conditions when a cheap rifle is under the most stress.  In worse case scenarios, your tactical paintball gun sputters out in the firefight and suddenly your fierce looking realistic replica marker is nothing but a heavy lead weight to carry around.  The most experienced players and combat experts will always go into battle carrying a second weapon, however two full sized tactical rifles is certainly not the answer as this would slow you down even more.  The best option is cheap priced, small, lightweight and easy to hide on your person, making it the perfect secondary weapon.  A good, realistic tactical paintball pistol handgun makes a fantastic back up weapon that’s fun to use and great in a pinch.    
Paintball pistols and CO2 handguns are compact and easy to wield making them a great surprise for an unsuspecting opponent but also excellent for fighting in close quarters and front line tactical strategies.  Pistol paintball markers are realistic, cheap priced and always add an exciting element to any scenario game.  Using the most authentic paintball guns makes your scenario game come to life with much more intensity.  Some of the most realistic paintball guns for sale are tactical pistols; these handguns are authentic in both appearance and performance.  When loaded with ammo and CO2, the best paintball pistols have an authentic weight and even a slight kick when fired, just like the real thing.  Most paintball pistol handguns for sale also feature magazines that drop out of the grip with the flip of a switch and even a top slide cocking mechanism.  While these guns might start out as secondary back-up weapons, most players can’t resist the lure of these cool looking, realistic cheap priced markers and end up seeking closer range fighting just so they can bring their pistol paintball gun into play.
For a real thrill, try playing an entire game using your paintball pistol as your only weapon.  This is a very challenging feat and should not even be considered if you own a cheap quality pistol that’s unreliable.  The best paintball gun pistols for sale have a limited ammo supply; most carrying no more than 10 rounds.  This means every shot with your realistic handgun must count; there can be no wasted ammo as commonly allowed by paintball guns with traditional 200 round hoppers.  While lighter and much easier to wield, the on-board CO2 cartridges that power paintball pistols results in a somewhat limited range; most paintball handguns best accurate range is barely 50-75 ft.  The player who uses a pistol paintball gun as his primary weapon must be unafraid of close quarter fighting!  If you’re the best marksman however and have plenty of agility, a compact, ultra lightweight, realistic paintball pistol will allow you to dance amongst your enemies and pick them off like a sleek ninja.  If you only have to carry a cheap priced paintball handgun with you, your load is much lighter allowing you to cover more ground faster and move quicker than your opponents loaded down with larger, more cumbersome markers.
Since most players use their realistic paintball pistol handguns when backed up against a wall, it’s important you don’t just go with the cheapest price and end up with a marker that could leave you stranded.  Sticking with popular brand names is the best policy as these companies often have higher quality products with the best warranties and service.  For the most consistent performance, always purchase brand new pistol paintball guns from a reputable dealer, like us.  At our online tactical paintball supplies store, we have an amazing selection of the best and most realistic paintball pistols and CO2 handguns for sale that are the most durable, reliable and from the best brand names you can buy.  Compared to other online stores, we also have exceptionally cheap prices for pistol paintball markers and huge discounts on packages that include the gun and everything else you’ll need for awesome scenario woodsball play.  It’s easy to buy a top quality paintball handgun (and save money doing it) at our online store; all the pistols we have for sale have high resolution graphic pictures and detailed product descriptions so you know exactly what you’re buying.  We also have a simple, secure checkout and fast shipping right to your front door!  If you have questions about which cheap priced, realistic paintball pistol handgun might be best for you or need help with your order, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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