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Planet Eclipse Paintball Markers, Apparel & Protective Gear Will Prepare You For Top Level Competition. Here We Offer The Best Selection Of Planet Eclipse Paintball Equipment For Sale At Discount Prices

No matter how good your athletic skills are, you will not shine very brightly on the paintball field with cheaply made, low quality paintball gear.  Unreliable equipment that breaks down in the middle of a match can cost you the game and ruin your day.  That’s why so many top competitive paintball athletes choose Planet Eclipse to take them into the winner’s circle.  Planet Eclipse paintball equipment is considered the best, high quality, high performance gear in the business.  Lightweight, super sturdy and built with top technology, Planet Eclipse paintball gear is a leader in the industry; here is their complete line…

The Planet Eclipse Co. started in England in 1994 from a small retail paintball store and innovative owner.  As they continued researching ways and technologies to make their paintball guns better, faster and lighter; they quickly quilt a name for quality and reliability.  Planet Eclipse is now one of the top paintball equipment manufacturers in the business, offering supplies for every aspect of competition play.
Planet Eclipse is a company known for creating high quality, high performance paintball guns and equipment.  Planet Eclipse mainly produces industry leading electronic paintball markers that out perform nearly all others on the market.  They are also known for their durable, competition apparel, lightweight, high tech, padded protective paintball equipment and top quality, stylish gear bags, backpacks and marker cases.
One of the best things about Planet Eclipse paintball markers is their wide range of prices.  This company offers paintball guns for the high-end, top echelon market designed for high performance tournament play; markers that fit in mid range pricing for the intermediate player, and a low cost model great for beginner competitors.  Fortunately, all have virtually the same high technology, craftsmanship and sleek appearance.
Planet Eclipse is also well known for their rugged paintball apparel, competition jerseys and pants.  Worn together, Planet Eclipse paintball pants and jerseys make an excellent paintball uniform whether you play speedball or tactical scenario games.  These are well made shirts and pants that are not only stylish, but protective as well.  Planet Eclipse paintball uniform apparel gives every player a top professional look that definitely translates into high performance on the field. 
Protective padding is built in to Planet Eclipse’s athletic apparel, but also their full line of paintball protective gear.  Planet Eclipse series of protective equipment include a form fitted chest protector, elbow/forearm and knee pads, high performance slider shorts and comfortable neck protector.  Planet Eclipse protective gear is characterized by snug, comfortable fit and padded impact zones over strategic areas to protect the body during for the roughest play imaginable.  Their protective padding features top technology causing high bounce rates for paintballs as well.
After getting fully equipped with competition clothing, protective apparel and one of the best paintball markers in the business, Planet Eclipse also offers top of the line gear bags to help carry your equipment to the big game.  Super sturdy, high quality backpacks, gear bags and paintball gun cases adorned with stylish patterns and colors are terrific for safely carrying your equipment to competitions and overnight trips.  Planet Eclipse gear bags are specifically designed for storing and toting paintball supplies and feature padded pockets, straps and plenty of room for all your equipment.
Not only is Planet Eclipse’s paintball gear the best you can buy, but rest assured you’re dealing with a solid company; they are also known for solid warranties and excellent service in the event of a malfunction or repair issue.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we are proud to offer such excellent, quality products; we sell Planet Eclipse gear with confidence because we never have complaints or returns with this company’s equipment.  Commit to having the best paintball gear possible and buy Planet Eclipse for sale at the cheapest prices you will find on our website.
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