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Rule Any Position On The Field With Incredible Range & Accuracy When You Customize Your US Army Paintball Gun With A New Tactical Barrel. Here We Offer The Best Precision Rifled Sniper Barrels & Barrel Upgrade Packages For Tippmann Alpha Black, Project Salvo & Carver One Markers

Since its inception, players have fallen in love with Tippmann’s US Army Series paintball guns because of their realism, extreme durability, performance and super cheap prices. US Army tactical markers are powerful and accurate right out of the box, however most players are surprised to see how much more they can get out of these guns by upgrading with a few cheap accessories. For the best bang for your buck, choose an after market barrel for incredible improvements in both range and precision of any of the US Army paintball guns

An upgraded barrel will transform your Tippmann US Army Alpha Black, Project Salvo or Carver One paintball gun into a precision tactical rifle you will rule any scenario with easy expert marksmanship.  Fortunately, the US Army Series paintball guns are compatible with Tippmann 98 barrel threads, so there are many lengths and styles of after market barrel upgrade kits available.  The right barrel package is the cheapest and best way to make the most immediate and dramatic change to your US Army tactical marker’s range and accuracy.
For the best tactical strategy, choose upgrades for your US Army paintball gun that will help you excel in the specific position you play on the field.  Modify your Tippmann marker with a barrel length customized for how far you will need your gun to shoot.  The US Army Carver One makes a fantastic paintball sub machine gun with a short, 1-3 inch barrel; great for the close quarter battles and fast action as a front man or tactical scout.  The M4 replica receiver of the Tippmann Alpha Black and Project Salvo US Army markers also makes a very boss looking SMG when combined with the short barrel upgrade.
You will definitely rule the mid-field as an infantryman or mid-player position when you add upgraded mid-length after market barrels to the US Army tactical markers for accurate long and short range shooting.  For positions that require precision long distance shooting, consider a rifled barrel 18 inches or longer.  High performance, after market sniper barrels will surprise you how much farther and straighter they will let your US Army paintball guns shoot.  With a lengthy, precision sniper barrel, the Tippmann Alpha Black, Project Salvo and Carver One make terrific paintball sniper rifles you will easily sway the game with as a back player or sniper.
For the best tactical edge, choose an after market barrel package with certain upgraded features that will make it stand out from all others on the field.  For example, a rifled barrel shoots farther and straighter because it has tiny tracks inside that guide the paintball for a more precise and powerful shot.  US Army paintball gun barrels with tiny holes in the end (called fluting or porting) shoot much farther than standard barrels; the holes reduce air turbulence resulting in a more powerful projection of the paintball.  Barrels for the US Army markers with spiral patterns inside to help put a spin on the ball are also great for a more accurate shot.
While the Tippmann US Army Series paintball guns perform better than most right out of the box, their performance is yet even more improved with the addition of an upgraded after market barrel kit.  Customize the Alpha Black, Project Salvo and Carver One tactical paintball markers with a barrel for incredible range and accuracy no matter which position you play.  Buy your US Army paintball gun barrel from ChoicePaintballGuns and you will greatly improve your gun for very little money or trouble.  We have some of the cheapest prices on the internet with fast, affordable shipping; save time and money and have your new paintball gun barrel delivered right to your door!  

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