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Hold More Paintballs, Improve Load Time and Feed Rate by Buying the Best .50 Caliber Paintball Gun Loaders. We offer Top Rated .50 Cal Paintball Hoppers for Markers, and 50 Caliber Magazines for Paintball Rifles and Pistols, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

JT Splatmaster z100 MagazineJT Splatmaster z100 Magazine
Planet Eclipse Ego/Etek .50 Caliber Conversion KitPlanet Eclipse Ego/Etek .50 Caliber Conversion Kit
Spyder Gravity Loader (.50 Cal)Spyder Gravity Loader (.50 Cal)
Spyder Rapid E-Loader (.50 Cal)Spyder Rapid E-Loader (.50 Cal)

Most .50 caliber paintball guns come with small basic hoppers or magazines. Paintball hoppers are small containers that hold and feed ammo into the 50 cal paintball marker.  Paintball gun magazines are found in scenario style .50 caliber paintball rifles and pistols. Stock .50 caliber paintball gun loaders put you at a disadvantage when going against players with high capacity hoppers and the best magazines. It does not matter how fast your top rated .50 cal paintball rifle, pistol or speedball marker is capable of firing if the magazine or hopper is not able to feed your marker fast enough. Or if it is out of paintballs. The best high performance .50 caliber paintball hoppers and magazines are easier to reload and feed paintball markers faster. Buying a new top rated .50 caliber hopper or magazine is an easy, and relatively cheap way of noticeably upgrading your .50 cal paintball gun’s loader, and allow you to fire more paintballs much faster.

The best .50 caliber paintball hoppers come in various sizes, shapes and performance levels. It’s best to buy the largest loader with the smallest profile.   Look for top rated 50 cal paintball gun hoppers with wide mouths that are easy to quickly reload.  The size of the .50 caliber paintball hoppers is also important.  The best high capacity 50 cal paintball gun hoppers can carry up to 350 rounds, which is nearly double the amount of most stock loaders. Holding more paintballs allows you to shoot more paintballs without having to spend time reloading. Whether you’re just looking for a basic gravity feed system or a high-performance electronic speed loader, choosing the best .50 caliber hopper for your paintball gun will greatly improve your performance. Buying the best .50 cal magazine or hopper for your paintball gun is the cheapest, and easiest way to upgrade your paintball marker and game.    

At our online paintball guns and supplies store we offer the best .50 caliber hoppers for markers, and magazines for paintball rifles and pistols, at cheap discount online sales prices. All of the top-rated high performance 50 cal paintball loaders we have for sale are large high capacity hoppers that hold up to 350 paintballs. We offer a variety of types, so no matter what type of .50 caliber paintball marker, rifle or pistol you want to buy a loader for, we have the best high performance .50 cal paintball hopper or magazine for you. Being an online based paintball guns and equipment store we do not have many of the expensive operating cost of traditional paintball gear stores. These savings allow us to offer fast firing, large capacity top rated .50 caliber hoppers and magazines for the best .50 cal paintball markers, rifles and pistols, at cheap discount online sales prices. We also provide detailed product information and high resolutions photos to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to find and buy the best high performance .50 caliber paintball gun loaders for you.

Note: Hoppers and Magazines sold here are for .50 Caliber Paintball Guns Online and are not Compatible with any other Type of Paintball Marker.

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