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Intimidate Your Opponents & Play w/More Confidence w/a Custom Look When You Wear a Professional Team Design Tournament Paintball Jersey. We Offer The Best Selection of Camo Woodsball Shirts & Name Brand Pro Tournament Paintball Jerseys For Sale at Cheap Prices.

Any type of shirt or long sleeve top will do for a game of paintball, however don’t be surprised when your team is beaten because your opponents were all wearing matching jerseys.  Amazingly, they not only looked cooler, but played better too.  Whether you wear camo design clothing for woodsball or something more cohesive for tournament play, a good paintball jersey is a worthy investment.  Custom looking team clothing makes players look more professional in any sport, paintball included.  Even if you’re beginners, matching paintball jerseys give your team a look of experience, but you don’t have to be on a team to wear one.  Paintball tournament shirts are great for individual players too as they not only add to your appearance, but have numerous other features that will also greatly improve your performance.  Fortunately, affordability is generally not a factor when it comes to obtaining a good jersey; these shirts come in a wide range of prices with even the most expensive custom designs being fairly cheap.
Without a doubt, there’s an intimidation factor when facing an opponent decked out from head to toe in matching, top of the line paintball clothing.  A professional looking paintball jersey will do wonders for helping you look the part - not to mention getting in your opponent’s head.  No matter what your experience level, walking on the field wearing a team design pro tournament jersey and matching gear makes any opponent think they’re getting ready to be spanked by someone who knows what they’re doing.  Adorning yourself with the same paintball jerseys or camo clothing worn by pro teams brings new meaning to the phrase ‘act as if’.  Unlike cheap, non-descript clothing, dressing like a pro will actually help you move and play more like one.  You will feel a new confidence wearing a custom looking camo or tournament design paintball jersey and this will translate into more confident, stronger maneuvers on the field. 
Compared to a cheap t-shirt, there are many more advantages to paintball jerseys than just dressing the part, however.  Most camo shirts and custom jerseys made for team tournaments are fairly baggy designed to absorb the impact of oncoming paintballs and offer the best range of motion.  The best paintball jerseys also offer extra padding or thicker material in strategic areas to offer further protection from direct hits and help prevent injury against the environment from rough play.  Good paintball jerseys are made with material that’s lightweight, super durable and breathable to help wick away moisture.  When buying a camo design woodsball shirt or tournament paintball jersey, look for standout features such as mesh ventilation panels to keep you cool during heated summer sessions.  Soft, ribbed material around the collar and wrists are also a plus for extra comfort.  Some paintball jerseys feature thumb loops and extra material attached to the cuffs to use for cleaning paint splatter off the lenses of your mask. 
Compared to a cheap sweatshirt, paintball jerseys are much more fun to play in and will greatly enhance your game.  These shirts add more comfort, safety and confidence to your game making a good tournament jersey an essential part of your regular gear.  For the best, most cohesive and custom look, try to match the color of your jersey with similar colors found on the rest of your paintball gear.  At our online store, this easy and cheap to do.  We have a great selection of camo designs for scenario paintball and pro team tournament style shirts from the top name brands in all sizes for sale at huge discounts.  For even cheaper prices, we also carry a large stock of paintball jerseys from previous years that have been marked down to sell quickly.  When you’re looking for the latest models however, shop our inventory as we always have the most up to date styles available for sale as soon as they’re released.  We also have excellent customer service; should you have any questions about sizing or inventory, contact us by phone or email and we’ll be glad to help.

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