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Upgrade Your Tippmann 98 Custom’s Look & Performance With A Complete Parts Kit. Here We Offer Discount Priced Upgrade Parts Kits For The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

If you’ve gotten bored of your Tippmann 98 Platinum Series paintball gun, don’t throw it out or leave it in the closet gathering dust!  You can easily breathe new life into your old Custom 98 by simply adding a few parts and dressing it up a bit.  Adding an upgrade kit is an easy way to improve the look and performance of your gun and is much cheaper than buying a brand new one.  Here is a great selection of upgrade parts kits for the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball marker on sale now…
Tippmann 98 AK47 KitTippmann 98 AK47 Kit
Tippmann 98 AK47-B Complete KitTippmann 98 AK47-B Complete Kit
Tippmann 98 Crossfire KitTippmann 98 Crossfire Kit
Tippmann 98 Enforcer KitTippmann 98 Enforcer Kit
Tippmann 98 Extreme Enforcer KitTippmann 98 Extreme Enforcer Kit
Tippmann 98 Sniper KitTippmann 98 Sniper Kit
Tippmann 98 Tacamo Blizzard Magfed Conversion KitTippmann 98 Tacamo Blizzard Magfed Conversion Kit
Tippmann 98 Tacamo Blizzard Magfed Conversion Kit (5 Mags)Tippmann 98 Tacamo Blizzard Magfed Conversion Kit (5 Mags)
Tippmann 98 Tacamo K416 SOCOM KitTippmann 98 Tacamo K416 SOCOM Kit
Tippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 KitTippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 Kit

Choose a kit for your Tippmann 98 Custom PS marker based on how you want it to look and what you will need for on the paintball field.  Use your playing style and the position you play in the game to help you decide on the best upgrade kit for your gun.  If you play as the front man or scout position, choose an upgrade kit with parts and accessories that will keep your 98 Custom lightweight, fast and accurate in short ranges. 
If you want your Tippmann 98 paintball gun to be accurate from long distances, consider an upgrade kit with a longer barrel, preferably rifled for the added performance.  You may also want to consider a parts kit that includes some type of sniper scope or red dot sight for better accuracy with long range shooting.  The best Tippmann 98 upgrade kits are complete with parts that will give your gun a realistic military appearance.
Decide on an upgrade kit for your Tippmann 98 Platinum Series marker that has a collection of parts that will transform your gun the best.  Fortunately, there are many parts package kits to choose from, allowing numerous opportunities to turn your 98 Custom paintball gun into all kinds of different replica military machine guns and assault rifles.
Before purchasing, make sure to read the upgrade kit product’s description to ensure it comes with everything you need to give your gun a complete transformation.  Take your time to study the pictures of the parts in the kit and how they look on the completed gun to make sure you’re getting all the accessories you want.  You may find there are parts you want to add to your kit to make it even more awesome!
The best thing about upgrade kits for the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun is they are so cheap to buy, it makes it affordable to buy several at once.  Don’t just buy one new outfit your Tippmann 98 tactical marker, give it a whole new wardrobe!  As the 98 Custom is such a popular paintball gun, there are many companies that make parts for it, so upgrades and package deals are plentiful.
For the best selection and cheapest prices, buy your Tippmann 98 Custom upgrade kit from ChoicePaintballGuns.  All the kits we sell are composed of the highest quality parts and are sure to make a complete transformation of your gun; you will not need to add accessories to any of the kits we sell for this gun.  Save money when buying parts for the Tippmann 98 in an upgrade kit; we have them on sale with discounted prices all year round.

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