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Improve Your Performance, Play Safer & More Comfortably Wearing Clothing Specially Designed For Paintball. We Offer The Best Apparel For Paintball Including Clothing For Both Scenario Woodsball & Competition Speedball on Sale For Cheap, Discount Prices.

Most people think you can wear just about any type of clothing to play paintball as long as you don’t mind it getting dirty.  However putting a bit more thought into your apparel before hitting the field can be the difference between winning and losing.  Paintball requires fast movement and agility – clothing that’s restrictive can limit range of motion or slow you down.  Shorts and t-shirts are lightweight and easy to move in but leave the skin terribly exposed.  To avoid getting bruised from a direct hit, full sleeves and trousers seem like the best choices for protecting the skin against speeding paintballs.  However most outdoor paintball games are played in the warmer months, so jeans & heavy sweatshirts can cause you to become sweaty, uncomfortable and even overheat.  Most street clothes or even athletic apparel is not designed for the rough play common to paintball.  Materials in most garments will tear, ruin quickly or cause too much friction, making certain important maneuvers sluggish or impossible, like sliding and speed crawling.
Fortunately, there is much apparel specifically designed for the sport of paintball available for sale that will make a terrific difference in your performance.  The best clothes to wear for paintball are baggy enough to offer full range of motion and deaden the sting of being shot, but not so much as to get in the way to restrict speed.  Most paintball apparel has slick, lightweight material so there’s very little friction when running or sliding behind a bunker for cover.  Materials used are also often rip-stop, extremely durable and double stitched meant to withstand extreme abuse against rough environments.  The best paintball clothing also includes padding sewn into impact zones for extra protection so you can play harder and safer without worrying about getting hurt.  This apparel is also designed to keep you cool during intense action and summer time heat with features like breathable fabric and/or mesh panels.  Some of the best paintball clothes even include specialized pockets for carrying extra supplies.   Besides amazing performance and longevity, most players love paintball clothing because of the intimidation factor they cause their opponents by wearing professional looking gear.
Wearing the right paintball apparel is extremely important in your ability to play comfortably, safely and at your best.  The fun of your next game will be very dependent on the quality of your clothes, so shopping at a reputable store is equally as important.  At our online paintball supplies store, it’s important to us that you get the right paintball clothing so you can perform at the highest level possible.  This is why we feature the best brand name apparel for both woodsball and tournament play and sell it for very reasonable prices.  All the paintball clothes we offer are quality, professional garments used and endorsed by top athletes on the pro circuit.  We sell the latest styles in a wide range of sizes so you can get decked out from head to toe for an affordable price.  We also have a very easy return policy in case the size isn’t exact or if you’re not completely satisfied.  Our customer service is top rated and we are ready to help should you have questions about any of the paintball apparel we sell or need assistance with your order.

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