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Lighten Up Your Paintball Gun Making it Easier to Wield and More Realistic with a Good Remote Line. We Offer The Best Brand Name Paintball Remotes Including Straight & Coiled Lines with Slide Checks For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

90 Degree Remote Line Adaptor with One-Way Valve90 Degree Remote Line Adaptor with One-Way Valve
Ninja Remote Line w/Slide CheckNinja Remote Line w/Slide Check
Remote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock KitRemote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock Kit
Tippmann Remote LineTippmann Remote Line

While a paintball gun’s air tank is its power source and very necessary, it’s not only unsightly but cumbersome as well. On most paintball guns, the attachment for the air tank is at the base of the grip. Nearly all paintball guns have the best balance right out of the box, but when you attach a fully weighted air tank to one end, the balance shifts so the grip end is much heavier. Unless you carry your air tank remotely, the back-ended weight often causes a beginner’s shots to be too high adversely affecting accuracy. In scenario woodsball, paintball air tanks also widely detract from the appearance of the gun. You can pay a lot of money for an assault rifle paintball gun that looks fantastically real; until you attach the big clunky air tank. Even small sized air tanks immediately transform the look of your authentic marker back into a boring old paintball gun. The best answer is to use a remote line. This is an accessory line that connects your paintball marker to its air tank so you can carry it remotely. Remote lines effectively free your paintball gun from its heavy air tank so it is much lighter and easier to wield. Taking the weight off the end of your marker will restore proper balance and improve your shooting immediately. You will be able to move faster, stabilize and aim your gun better for a terrifically improved performance and much more fun on the field. A remote line will also help you maintain the authentic look of a realistic tactical marker.
Paintball remote lines can be used on any/every type of marker, however best and most commonly seen with woodsball guns. Paintball remotes come with the air line either straight or coiled. The coiled type feel springier, move better in brush and look cooler while the straight line stays out of your way more, however the decision is personal preference. The best paintball remote lines include a slide check. This feature is a small sleeve that slides over the valve connection between the line and gun to provide a better seal during the removal of the line. Remote lines without slide checks allow a burst of air to escape when releasing from the tank. This causes you to lose air and need a refill faster. A paintball remote with a slide check is easier, safer and more efficient when dismounting or changing tanks. It’s also important to remember a remote line will also require the use of some type of pocket, pouch or harness to help carry your air tank remotely. Paintball remotes are a good cheap way to immediately improve your game and are best found for sale online for very reasonable prices.
At our online paintball supplies store, we know the difference between cheap and good accessories, so we carry only the best quality paintball remote lines for sale at discount prices. We feature all the top rated brand name remotes that have good reputations of solid durability and performance so you can buy with confidence. Our selection includes cheap priced, but top quality basic remote lines as well as high performance slide check models in both straight and coiled styles. Whether you pay a little or a lot, you can rest assured the remote line you buy for sale from us will perform flawlessly or we will replace it with a new one as we have an easy, no hassle return policy. Shopping for the best paintball remote is simple with our store as all of our products are shown with hi-resolution graphics so you can see exactly what you’re getting. We also have fast, affordable shipping and top rated customer service, ready to help with your order and get it to you as soon as possible. Contact us by phone or email if you have questions about which paintball remote line might be best for your particular marker or situation.

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