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Become an Invisible Paintball Soldier Assassin Using Sniper Recon Techniques Hiding in Any Environment Including Forests, Swamps, Desert Sand & Winter Backgrounds w/a Professional Grade Camouflage Army Ghillie Suit. At Our Store, You Can Buy Top Quality Military Surplus Camo Clothing Including Long Torso & Full Length Deluxe Sniper Ghillie Suits w/Lightweight Nylon Netting & the Best Tactical Designs For Sale at Cheap, Low Prices

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The art of invisibility can go a long way in realistic military paintball.  As a sniper, recon techniques and proper camouflage gear can make all the difference in being an effective assassin.  If your clothing doesn’t match your background and you are easy to see, it won’t matter how good of a hiding spot you’re in.  This is why the best, top level paintball snipers don’t bother with the average cheap camo fatigues you can buy for sale at most army surplus stores.  They rely on real, professional grade ghillie suits to help them disappear in whatever background they’re in.  A good quality full ghillie can make a soldier completely invisible in a forest, swamp, desert sand and even winter playing environments.  For the most effective tactical strategy, attach local shrubbery to your ghillie suit to blend into your surroundings even better.  For a low priced alternative, some players try to make their own ghillie by covering their torso with lightweight nylon netting material and attaching real foliage.  The most deluxe and effective designs however are the real army sniper ghillie suits for sale online or in military surplus shops.
As a paintball army sniper, buying a top quality ghillie suit can turn you into a professional military assassin for a cheap price.  Besides lending you the look of a realistic soldier decked out from head to toe in camo clothing, the tactical benefits of a full or long torso ghillie suit are obvious.  By customizing this gear with local fauna, you can blend into a forest, swamp, desert sand or even winter backgrounds for hiding right out in the open.  Wearing a deluxe ghillie suit will dictate how you can play however as these camouflage garments can limit movement.  Even though the base material of the best low priced ghillie suits for sale are a lightweight, high grade nylon netting, the outer attaching surplus layers of fabric add much weight, making fast action recon techniques nearly impossible.  Ghillie suits are designed for snipers who lay and wait for their prey, posing a problem if you have to get up and run.  Paintball army ghillies can also be uncomfortable as they tend to heat up quickly, particularly if it’s hot outside. 
Most deluxe full ghillie suits are professional grade and the same real army snipers use; they are not low quality garments made with cheap materials.  Because of this you can expect to pay up to $200 for the best military surplus ghillies however you can often find lower prices on long torso only suits for sale.  For the most realistic tactical paintball game, leave the recon to the front players and become a top soldier assassin who displays mind boggling hiding techniques with a camouflage ghillie suit.  The best ghillie camo clothing has a lightweight design made with breathable nylon netting so the suit doesn’t get too hot.  Colored strips of twine, cloth or burlap are attached to the netting to match forest, desert sand, swamp and winter backgrounds.  Buy the color ghillie suit that most closely matches the paintball field you play on but you can also customize this gear by adding leaves and branches you find.  A good quality full ghillie suit will move with the wind the same way as your surrounding foliage for complete invisibility.  Real army sniper camo ghillie outfits are also fire retardant (as these garments tend to be very flammable) however paying extra for this feature is unnecessary for paintball.
After a bit of recon to scout the location of your opponents and the best hiding spot, become a devastating paintball army sniper assassin by wearing a deluxe full ghillie suit.  A professional grade ghillie outfit will camouflage you into invisibility no matter whether you’re playing in a forest, swamp, desert sand or a winter backdrop.  Half the battle will be won when your opponents see you walking onto the field dressed for battle as a realistic military soldier wearing the same camo clothing as a top sniper.  Practice your invisibility techniques by buying the best quality ghillie suits from our online store.  We have an excellent selection of the finest tactical camouflage gear for the lowest prices you will find.  Our ghillie suits are made with breathable, lightweight nylon netting designed for both concealment and comfort.  We feature both full length and long torso military surplus ghillies for sale at the cheapest prices.  We also have top rated customer service should you have questions about any of our paintball army sniper ghillie suits; contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help. 
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