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Complete Ghillie Suit

Complete Ghillie Suit

Complete Ghillie Suit
Woodland JacketWoodland pantsMossy Oak jacketMossy Oak pants
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Take your sniper game to the next level by becoming completely invisible! The Complete Ghillie Suit is like wearing a cloak of invisibility for stealth movement or lying in wait for an ambush. 

The Complete Ghillie Suit is a light weight synthetic ghillie suit composed of a jacket and pair of pants. Not only is this suit very effective for camouflaging purposes, but it's also fairly comfortable to wear and easy to move in.

The Complete ghillie suit has a layer of soft, breathable fabric material (that comes in contact with your skin), covered by a nylon netting. Synthetic string attached to the netting is what makes the ghillie 'hair' coating. The nylon netting also allows to attach vegetation from the local area to better your ability to blend in.

The synthetic thread used on the Complete Ghillie Suit is water proof, rot proof, mildew resistant, fire retardent and comletely washable. The cuffs on the jacket and pants use a draw string with cord-locks for keeping the creepy crawlies out when laying in the bush.

The jacket also features a zipper front covered by a layer of material and secured with a strip of velcro. The pants also have an adjustable tie string around the waist and belt loops for a custom fit. 

By the Complete Ghillie Suit from Choicepaintballguns for a discounted price. As far as ghillie suits go, this is one of the best quality and will last the longest. These are a popular item so we keep them in stock and ready to ship.

Advantages with the NEW Light Weight Ghillie Suit......
-Water-proof Synthetic thread
-Mildew resistant
-Odor-less & Non-allergenic
-Complete Jacket & Pants weight (Medium = 4.75 lbs.)

Size Waist Size
Medium 28"-36"
Large 32"-40"
Xtra Large 36"-50"
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