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Paintball Rifle Grips & Bipods Are The Cheapest Way To Greatly Improve Both Your Marker’s Accuracy & Tactical Look. Here We Offer A Great Selection Of Grips & Bipods For Military Replica Paintball Guns On Sale For Discount Prices

If your tactical paintball gun isn’t accurate you will not only miss shots but waste tons of ammo doing it.  This is not only expensive but if you can’t eliminate any of your opponents, you will be more of a target than a threat, effectively helping your team lose.  Fortunately, your paintball marker can shoot much more accurately with the addition of a few simple, affordable parts.  Grips and bipods are cheap priced accessories that will give your paintball rifle the tactical advantage in precision as well as a more awesome realistic appearance.
Paintball Rifle Grips

Paintball Rifle Grips

Ergonomic Pistol GripErgonomic Pistol Grip
Matador Tactical Vertical GripMatador Tactical Vertical Grip
RIS Vertical GripRIS Vertical Grip
Tippmann CQB Short Vertical Grip for Picatinny RailsTippmann CQB Short Vertical Grip for Picatinny Rails
Vertical RIS Folding GripVertical RIS Folding Grip
Vertical RIS Folding Grip Type IIVertical RIS Folding Grip Type II
Paintball Rifle Bipods

Paintball Rifle Bipods

AR15 Handguard Rail BipodAR15 Handguard Rail Bipod
HG BipodHG Bipod
M4 Carbine RIS BipodM4 Carbine RIS Bipod
RIS BipodRIS Bipod
Universal Bipod KitUniversal Bipod Kit

Paintball gun accessories like grips and bipods are one of the easiest ways to improve your markers precision.  These parts help to stabilize your gun for steadier aiming and much better accuracy.  While any paintball gun would benefit from steadier shooting, grip and bipod accessories are mostly found for tactical paintball guns and military replica markers with available rails. 
When shopping for the best paintball rifle grips or bipod, be careful to choose the accessory that fits your tactical marker.  Try to find the best balance between the right size, look and performance to customize your gun to its fullest.  Some paintball rifle grips and bipods may be too large or heavy for the particular size of your marker, effectively throwing off its balance.  Larger sized bipods are best used on long range paintball sniper rifles or heavy machine guns that are meant to be stationary rather than carried around.
Conversely, mid and front players who carry smaller, more compact weapons like paintball sub machine guns or carbine rifles should use lighter weight grips and smaller sized bipods.  Unlike the back fielders, the fastest action front player positions rarely get enough time to use a bipod.  Most forward players do best with grip accessories rather than bipods because they are lighter, easier to move quickly with and terrific for waist level straffing in close quarter battles. 
While some bipods can attach directly to your paintball rifle’s barrel, most grips and bipods are super easy to mount.  Nearly all of these paintball gun upgrades are compatible with standard weaver and picatinny rails.  The best paintball gun grips and bipods are retractable or fold up to a small profile.  This is terrific for reducing the profile of your gun, making it more compact for easy traveling yet still using it as an effective handguard for aiming.
If you have to mount a rail on your tactical paintball rifle to mount a grip or bipod, the extra effort is definitely worth it.  Make sure the weaver rail you install is long enough so you can customize the position of your accessory for the best performance.  For the most stability you can possibly have, add both a bipod and vertical grip to your paintball gun.  These two pieces of equipment work extremely well together for the ultimate control of both stationary and active close fighting. 
Besides making a huge difference in your marksmanship, upgrading your tactical paintball rifle with a grip or bipod will also give your gun a much more fierce appearance.  Some paintball gun grips and bipods come in different colors to give your marker an awesome custom look.  These accessories can be found in olive, black or tan colors to match other colored accessory parts on your gun or even coordinate colors on your rifle to your scenario outfit.
For the most realistic military replica paintball rifle that will outperform all others in accuracy, upgrade your marker with a custom grip or bipod.  These paintball supplies are easy to install and best of all extremely cheap, especially if you buy them from the right store.  At Choicepaintballguns, we carry an excellent selection of paintball gun grips, bipods and all other accessories and sell them for discount prices.  You can bet on top rated customer service and a professional experience when shopping at our online paintball store. 

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