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Take On An Army Of Opponents Carrying Only A Paintball Pistol – As Long As You Have Extra Magazines! Here We Offer Extra Ammo Clips & Magazine Accessories For The Best Tactical Paintball Gun Pistols On Sale For Cheap Prices

If you love the adrenalin of being close enough to look your opponents in the eye when you shoot them, realistic tactical paintball pistols are the best guns for you.  However just like their real counterparts, pistols can only carry a limited supply of ammo.  Without extra magazine clips, you could be caught in the worst situation possible… out of ammunition; defenseless in close proximity to your enemy.  If you love the realism and excitement of a tactical paintball pistol, carrying extra magazines are a must!
JT Splatmaster z100 MagazineJT Splatmaster z100 Magazine
Tippmann TPX Magazine 2 PackTippmann TPX Magazine 2 Pack
Walther PPQ Paintball Pistol .43 cal MagazineWalther PPQ Paintball Pistol .43 cal Magazine

Whether you use a paintball pistol as your primary weapon or carry it as a reliable back up gun, being prepared with the right accessory gear is key for success with this type of equipment.  With accurate ranges of not more than 50 ft. and the largest pistol ammo clips holding only 10 paintballs at a time, carrying a tactical pistol without extra magazines is a death sentence.  Fortunately, accessory magazine clips for paintball gun pistols are fairly cheap, compact and not difficult to carry with the right apparel.
If you really want to excel on the field when using a paintball pistol, it makes sense to load up on as many extra magazine clips as you can carry.  However before purchasing, make sure you have the means to carry as many as you buy.  Paintball pistol magazines can be stuffed in any pocket on your tactical oufit however are best held tightly against the body to keep them from moving around while on the go.  Depending on the size of your pistol, some magazine clips are heavier than others and best distributed evenly around the body whenever possible. 
In general, the larger the paintball pistol, the larger the clip it carries.  .68 caliber paintball pistols are often significantly larger than .43 caliber guns and thus have much larger ammo clips.  This is one of the reasons why realistic .43 caliber paintball pistols have become much more popular than the larger, heavier .68 caliber.  Smaller guns with smaller extra magazine parts are much easier to carry and move with while allowing you to hold double the ammo.  For the best distribution of weight, paintball pistol magazines are best carried in pouches attached to a tactical vest, leg pouch or even stuffed in an empty pocket on your pod harness. 
To rule the scenario playing field with your paintball sidearm as your primary weapon, make sure your extra magazines are stored in areas that are quickly accessible.  Tactical vests are excellent for customizing with extra pouches to carry not only your pistol but tons of easy to access extra magazine clips.  Make sure to carry only loaded paintball pistol ammo clips into battle.  Unlike standard hoppers that are easily loaded by simply dumping in balls from a full pod, paintball pistol magazines must be loaded ball by ball; a task too time consuming to perform in the middle of combat.
By carrying extra magazines for your pistol paintball marker, you will never get caught without ammo and have more confidence knowing your covered in heavy firefights.  At Choicepaintballguns, we not only carry every top name brand realistic paintball pistol, but their magazines as well.  Our store is the best place to stock up on as many ammo clips as you can carry because of our great selection and cheap prices.  We also have a fantastic collection of tactical scenario gear including vests and holsters to help carry your extra pistol magazine clips.  If you have any questions about which magazine clip is compatible with your pistol, please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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