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Take Your Speedball Game to the Next Level with the Innovative, Lightweight, Powerful, and Accurate Shocker AMP Tournament Paintball Gun. We offer the Top-Rated Shocker AMP Electronic Competition Paintball Marker in a Variety of Colors, at the Best Possible Cheap Discount Online Sales Price.

In a competition style speedball paintball tournament or match there is nothing more important than speed and accuracy. When participating in competitive tournament matches most if not all the players are highly experienced and well above your average speedball player. In a highly competitive tournament paintball scenario such as this, small things make a big difference. Just fractions of seconds and inches can mean the difference between winning and losing. This is why the best professional speedball players and teams are so picky about the tournament paintball guns they use, and why top pros and some of the best teams like AC: Dallas and AC: Diesel use the Shocker Amp Electronic competition paintball gun. The top-rated Shocker Amp indoor speedball marker is lightweight, powerful, accurate, easy to customize, and is simply one of the best, if not the best electronic tournament paintball guns for sale online today.  

Shocker AMP’s Innovative Body, Bolt System and Core: 

The electronic Shocker AMP competition paintball guns utilizes a unibody design that integrates the regulator housing into the body of the top-rated lightweight marker. This minimizes the part count of the marker, allowing the Shocker AMP tournament paintball gun to achieve its amazingly iconic lightweight and clean profile. Integrating the regulator housing into the electronic speedball gun also reduces the number of seals in the marker and eliminates potential leak points. The lightweight, accurate and powerful Shocker AMP competition paintball gun is sculpted from the best aircraft-grade aluminum that pushes the boundaries of modern 5-axis milling equipment. Using top grade alloys, and the very best finishing techniques the top-rated Shocker tournament speedball marker is anodized to help it withstand the use and abuse associated with top-level tournament paintball. By integrating the body and regulator the Shocker AMP platform is stronger than multi-piece body designs, and provides a much more durable shooting platform that polymer-based tournament paintball markers simply cannot match. 

In addition to its lightweight and integrated regulator, one of the other main reasons pro speedball players and some of the best professional tournament paintball teams choose the top-rated Shocker Amp electronic competition paintball gun is the innovative core and bolt system. It utilizes a divorced valve bolt, which separates the part of the bolt system that moves the paintball in the chamber from the part that fires the air to propel the paintball down the barrel. By separating these internal functions, the top-rated Shocker Amp electric paintball gun has dramatically increased efficiency at lower pressures. The Shocker Amp competition paintball gun has an operating pressure of only 110PSI! This means you get more shots per air tank fill, and less broken paintballs per case. Less broken tournament paintballs because low pressure air delivery minimizes physical deformation of the ball when accelerating it to its max velocity. Even small and brittle tournament grade speedball paintballs can be easily utilized and will not break with the Shocker Amp’s bolt core. 

The separated system also reduces the number of seals in the marker that are exposed to debris and environmental contaminants. This extends the lightweight, powerful and accurate Shocker Amp tournament paintball gun’s O-ring life to a million cycles; in standard use scenarios. With basic regular maintenance the top-rated Shocker Amp Electronic Competition Speedball Gun will not only be more reliable than other tournament grade paintball guns, but will also have lower ownership costs over the life of the marker. Unique to the Shocker AMP indoor paintball gun’s core is the quick exhaust valve, which is integrated directly in the base of the Shocker AMP’s core. This system allows the bolt to vent remaining air directly through the bolt kit rather than forcing air back through the marker and solenoid. This means that the Shocker AMP Tournament Paintball Marker can cycle upwards of 22bps without any measurable drop off. This is critical for competitive speedball players using uncapped semi-auto or full auto mechanical firing mode where ROF may rapidly change during a string of shots.  

Shocker AMP’s Top-Rated Electronics, Firing Modes & Trigger: 

Another key feature of the lightweight, powerful and accurate Shocker AMP tournament Speedball Gun is its dual board electronic system. This dual board system completely eliminates the chance for pinched wires to provide the best possible reliability with corrosion free contacts and connectors. The main board powers and controls the lightweight Shocker AMP electronic paintball marker, while a secondary PCB board is mounted in the body and routes the eye and solenoid connections away from dangerous pinch points. The intuitive competition grade trigger-based programming makes it easy to quickly change firing mods. Switch from semi-automatic, to burst fire, to full auto, and control the rate of fire. With a simple button click and a few trigger inputs you can easily customize and find the best fire rate and mod for you. The top-rated Shocker AMP tournament paintball gun’s solid aluminum trigger is ideal for semi-auto, ramping, and burst modes allowing the speedball player to maintain a steady rate of fire no matter your chosen firing mode. With a re-designed trigger profile and reshaped trigger guard, the Shocker AMP Competition Paintball marker’s trigger has a more natural fit for many players and eliminates “hot-spots” and friction points, even when used with a shorter air-tank. 

The USB-C connection makes software updates easy with any USB data cable and a Windows PC. The team at Shocker Amp Paintball work alongside with leagues all over the world to make sure that the top-rated Shocker AMP electronic competition paintball gun always has the capability to adhere to any mode of fire or rate of fire limits put in place by major leagues.  Powered by a standard 9-volt alkaline battery the Shocker Amp tournament speedball gun is easy to always keep powered. Quality 9-volt alkaline batteries can be found around the world, and are relatively cheap. Swapping a battery is as simple as opening the marker’s grips. In addition, the Shocker Amp Indoor Competition Paintball Gun has Water-resistant coating applied to all of the electronic boards keeping it protected even in the rain. These are just a few of the things that separate the top-rated, lightweight and powerful Shocker AMP tournament paintball gun from the competition, and why so many of the best pros and top professional teams choose the Shocker AMP electronic paintball marker.  

Why Buy the Shocker AMP Competition Paintball Marker Here: 

At our online paintball gear and supplies store we offer the top-rated electronic Shocker AMP competition speedball gun in a variety of color options, at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. No matter what color you are looking for we have the best Shocker AMP tournament paintball gun for you and your team at an everyday cheap discount online sales price. Being an online paintball guns, and speedball equipment store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional paintball stores, or huge online stores that sell everything.  These savings allow us to offer the top-rated, lightweight, and powerful Shocker AMP indoor paintball marker at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. We also provide detailed product descriptions and high-quality photos to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to find and buy the best Shocker AMP electronic tournament paintball gun for you. Give yourself the best chance at success, and get as much enjoyment as possible from your next paintball tournament, and order your lightweight, powerful and accurate Shocker AMP competition speedball gun from our online paintball store today.  If you have any questions, or are purchasing in bulk, give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help. 
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