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The Best Athletes Rely On Top Quality Accessory Gear From SLY Paintball To Usher Them Into The Winner’s Bracket. Here We Offer A Great Selection Of SLY Paintball Masks, Protective Equipment, Apparel & Barrel Upgrades On Sale For Cheap Prices

While owning a great paintball marker is important, it’s not the only piece of equipment you will need to truly excel on the field.  A top rated paintball mask, protective body armor, professional uniform apparel and even a sturdy bag to carry your supplies in are all necessary extras if you take your sport seriously.  Shop carefully when buying important accessories like these to avoid wasting money on cheap quality gear that falls apart quickly.  For the convenience of one stop shopping, cheap prices and the highest quality possible, check out SLY paintball equipment…
Sly Annex Masks

Sly Annex Masks

Annex MI-7 Paintball Mask and Dual Lens Thermal Goggles - TanAnnex MI-7 Paintball Mask and Dual Lens Thermal Goggles - Tan
Annex MI-7 Paintball Mask and Thermal Goggles - OliveAnnex MI-7 Paintball Mask and Thermal Goggles - Olive
Annex MI-7C Paintball MaskAnnex MI-7C Paintball Mask
Sly Profit Masks

Sly Profit Masks

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Sly Profit Goggles - OliveSly Profit Goggles - OliveSly Profit Goggles
Sly Profit Goggles - SilverSly Profit Goggles - SilverSly Profit Goggles
Sly Profit Referee Paintball Face Mask and GogglesSly Profit Referee Paintball Face Mask and GogglesSly Profit Referee Goggles

SLY paintball gear has been setting the standard in high quality paintball equipment since 2008.  This company offers high quality, well-built, lightweight competition uniform apparel, a full line of protective paintball gear, thermal goggles and some of the best bags and equipment carry cases in the business.  SLY paintball makes it possible to completely outfit yourself from head to toe with accessories that will enhance your game and propel you into the winner’s bracket.  After your first few minutes of experiencing any piece of SLY paintball gear, it becomes evident this company has listened to actual players with experience in the field when they developed their products.  The durability and the way SLY equipment moves, breathes and performs could have only been developed by people who actually play the sport.  SLY paintball products are performance based and tested rigorously - with feedback from top level professional paintball athletes.
Perhaps best known for their award winning protective equipment, SLY paintball padding is lightweight, comfortable and easy to move in.  If you want more protection than just your pants and jersey, SLY makes it possible to wear a complete paintball uniform of just protective gear.  The SLY chest protector, slider shorts and elbow pads feature a unique design; sleek, form-fitting lycra material with thermo-formed viscoelastic foam padding sewn onto strategic areas to protect the most vulnerable spots.  While protective body armor is not considered essential gear, wearing a safety rated paintball mask is mandatory.  SLY paintball masks far exceed the industry standard in not only safety, but performance as well.  With two models available, SLY goggles offer a choice for the beginner or more advanced player, however both will turn heads on the paintball field.  SLY paintball masks are comprised of extremely lightweight, soft molded rubber housing top of the line anti-fog thermal lenses.
SLY equipment also makes it possible to dress and move like a pro athlete by wearing their professional paintball jersey and pants.  Striking designs and padding in all the right places make the SLY paintball uniform the choice of both top level athletes and those just beginning the sport.  Strategically placed stretch panels and mesh venting give SLY competition paintball apparel excellent range of motion and airflow, ensuring maximum comfort in the hottest battles.  Not only has SLY practically revolutionized the paintball industry with their award winning competition apparel and protective gear, they have also made waves in the area of after market barrels for your paintball gun.  SLY barrels feature a patented unique dual carbon tapered technology resulting in extremely accurate control of the trajectory.  They also feature special porting in the ends to help reduce the sound signature of your shot.  With their 100% carbon fiber construction, SLY paintball barrels are the lightest and strongest in the field today.
Finally, SLY paintball equipment makes it possible to carry your gear in style with their backpack and luggage series of products.  Whether you’re traveling to the field or on an overnight trip, a SLY backpack or gear bag makes it possible to securely fit all your paintball supplies plus extra clothing with room to spare.  Low prices, sturdy construction and compartments for carrying specific pieces of equipment, make SLY carrying bags and luggage the best choice for traveling with paintball gear.  SLY paintball produces durable, high quality, top performing paintball equipment for a reasonable price.  Whether you’re looking for a complete uniform, protective gear or a hi-tech after market barrel upgrade for your marker, SLY paintball offers the best performing equipment you will find.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we are proud to offer the complete line of SLY paintball accessories for discount prices.  Buy SLY gear from our store and you will not only get the best gear but also excellent service from a trusted source.

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