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Sly Profit Referee Paintball Face Mask and Goggles

Sly Profit Referee Paintball Face Mask and Goggles

Sly Profit Referee Paintball Face Mask and Goggles
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A good referee should be wearing a different set of equipment than the players. He should stand out from the crowd so he can be easily spotted in case you have a problem but also so he doesn't get shot! As the ref has to be out in the middle of all the action, he should wear the same protective gear as the players.

The Sly Profit Protective Referee Paintball Face Mask and Eye Goggles are bright orange to offer excellent eye and face protection but also give him a distinct look. The bright orange color says is like the 'caution' flag and will make the ref stand out in any environment.

Sly Profit Referee face guard and protective eye Goggles are well ventilated and comfortable to wear for a long time. The lenses are an optically perfect thermal gradient that don't fog up or get too hot around your face, but still offer the best eye protection in the business.

If you're playing the referee position, the Sly Profit Referee Goggles are a must have piece of equipment. Buy them for a discounted price from Choicepaintballguns. We drop ship these masks from several different sources so they are nearly always in stock. 

  • Velvet lined soft cell frame foam, combined with SBR foam for shock absorption
  • Integrated double strap for goggle angle adjustability
  • UV, IR, and water resistant inner lens gasket locks out moisture and dirt
  • Tough co-molded nylon frame with soft TPR lower to prevent ball breakage
  • Patent-pending lightning-quick release system
  • Integrated molded ear pads to reduce echo and enhance directional hearing
  • Sculpted ventilation details

*This mask comes with either a Clear or Clear/Smoke Gradient lens. This has been a running change with the manufacturer and we cannot control which lens color you will receive.

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