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Have a Powerful, Accurate Tactical Woodsball Marker that Commands Respect on the Field with a Realistic, Scary Looking AK47 Military Replica Paintball Gun. We offer the Best Deals on Tippmann and Rap4 T68 AK47 Paintball Guns for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

Echo1 Vector Arms AK-47 CPM AEG Airsoft Gun JP-23Echo1 Vector Arms AK-47 CPM AEG Airsoft Gun JP-23
Tacamo AK47 Paintball GunTacamo AK47 Paintball Gun
Tippmann 98 AK47 MarkerTippmann 98 AK47 Marker
Tippmann 98 AK47 Marker w/Wood GripTippmann 98 AK47 Marker w/Wood Grip
Tippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 MarkerTippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 Marker
Tippmann A5 AK47 MarkerTippmann A5 AK47 Marker
Tippmann A5 Tacamo AK47 MarkerTippmann A5 Tacamo AK47 Marker
Tippmann A5 Tacamo Krinkov AK47 MarkerTippmann A5 Tacamo Krinkov AK47 Marker
Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Marker - BlackTippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Marker - Black

In scenario paintball, if your equipment isn’t as realistic as possible, you’ll never be satisfied.  Most basic model beginner paintball guns for sale look like cheap toys and often perform like them to, lacking enough power to be any real threat to your opponents.  They will shudder in fear however when you walk onto the scenario battlefield with an authentic Tippmann or Rap4 T68 magazine or hopper fed AK47 paintball gun. These military replicas not only lend a commanding presence but perform well too, with plenty of range and precision to push your way through any opposing team.  One of the best things about paintball AK47’s is there are so many for sale to choose from.  Both Tippmann and the Rap4 T68 have a variety of different versions for this classic ‘bad guy’ tactical marker.  To give these markers an authentic look, all have magazines, but not all models have functional magazines.  Regardless of whether you want one with a functional magazine or one that is hopper fed, it’s easy to find a good deal on a realistic looking, high quality Rap 4 T68 or Tippmann AK47 paintball gun with fairly cheap sales prices.  
Most Tippmann and Rap4 T68 hopper and magazine fed AK47 markers come semi-automatic.  However, if you wish to experience the most realistic scenario woodsball AK47 replica paintball gun possible you can upgrade to an e-trigger making them full auto.  The most realistic Tippmann and Rap4 T68 AK47 military replicas come with a wooden stock and hand guard, making these guns extremely authentic looking.  If there’s any drawback to the AK47 paintball guns for sale with real wood it’s their weight.  These markers tend to be a bit on the heavy side.  As an alternative, there are some good deals on Rap4 T68 and Tippmann AK47 marker models with a simulated wood hard plastic material in place of the actual wooden parts, making these particular guns considerably lighter, easier to wield and also cheaper, however a bit less durable.
With a Rap4 t68 and Tippmann AK47 paintball marker, you can play like you’re the enemy or just add that much more realism to your tactical game.  With the right military replica hopper or magazine fed Ak47paintball gun, your scenario game will come to life like never before.  When purchasing an AK47 military replica paintball gun for sale, the best deal is to choose a reliable brand name like Tippmann or Rap4 that has transformed one of their markers like the T68 into a realistic replica AK46 with a kit.  Cheap non name brand companies not only have cheap low quality guns that are not as powerful, accurate or realistic looking they also have bad warranties and poor customer service.  Check on warranty information before buying any paintball gun and, besides a cheap price, use this as one of the determining factors for making your purchase.  Tippmann and Rap4 hopper and magazine fed T68 AK47 paintball guns come with the best warranties.
Another good reason to stick with a brand name Tippmann or Rap4 is for the availability of parts and upgrades.  Cheap non brand name AK47 markers can be difficult to upgrade or to find parts for.  The best Rap4 T68 and Tippmann AK47 paintball guns for sale have a top rail or some type of system to easily add accessories, like a scope or folding stock.  Purchasing a cheap non name brand Ak47 paintball gun may seem like a good deal, but spending a bit more upfront on the best hopper or magazine fed Rap4 T68 or Tippmann AK47 replica paintball gun will provide you with most realistic looking, powerful, accurate, easy to upgrade, durable marker that will last and has the best warranty.  Starting with a Tippman or Rap4 T68 brand will often save you money in the long run and be a much better deal than their cheap non-name brand counterparts.
At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, you can get the best deals on the most realistic looking and reliable replica hopper and magazine fed Tippmann and Rap4 T68 AK47 paintball guns at the cheapest sales prices. If you love the look of the Ak47 and want a marker that will perform we have the best Rap4 T68 or Tippmann paintball gun for you. No matter what your position or style of play we have the best replica AK47 paintball gun for you for sale at cheap discount prices you can afford. It’s important to us that you get the best deals on the best markers and parts. Being an online based painball guns and accessories store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional paintball shops. These savings allow us to offer the best deals on the most complete selection of hopper and magazine fed Tippmann and Rap4 T68 AK47 paintball markers for sale on the internet at the cheapest possible prices.  It’s also very important to us that you know what you’re getting and are completely satisfied with it. Should you have any questions or need any help finding the best Rap 4 T68 or Tippmann AK47 paintball gun we have for sale is best, contact us and we are more than happy to help.

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