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Customize your Setup, Easily Carry and always have the Paintball or Airsoft Gear you Need, by Buying a Tactical Load Bearing Assault Vests. We offer the Best Military UTG and ACU Camo Airsoft and Paintball MOLLE Vests, as well as Lightweight Urban Solid Black Police SWAT Team Style Combat Chest Rigs, many with Pistol Holsters, all at Cheap Online Sales Prices.

When playing paintball and airsoft there is a variety of essential gear you need to continue to play such as ammo and extra air tanks. There is also a variety of non-essential accessories, such as side arm pistols, grenades and other tactical gear that can help you and your team win. Most gear in paintball, including ammo, pistol holsters and extra air tanks are bulky, not very light and can be cumbersome to bear the full load without customized equipment set up, such as a tactical MOLLE vest. There’s nothing more deflating than watching your friends have all the fun while you wait for the game to be over, because you did not have a load bearing airsoft or paintball assault chest rig with a pistol holster, pouches and pockets to carry your essential combat supplies and ran out of ammo. Or losing a match you know you could have won, but didn’t because you did have the best military ACU or UTG camo MOLLE vest or solid black load bearing urban police/SWAT  style chest rig and because of that did not have the tactical combat accessories  you needed.  This is because in paintball you have to have your hands free to run, aim and shoot. Without a load bearing vest setup, even if you do not carry much gear, trying to do it with your bare hands or pockets is next to impossible. Trying to will slow you down. You will constantly have gear falling out and getting dropped as well as prevent you from being able to carry the essential paintball and airsoft combat supplies you need to win.

The best way to carry your airsoft or paintball ammo and other tactical supplies is with a lightweight MOLLE combat vest chest rig setup.  Urban solid black SWAT load bearing assault chest rigs and Military camouflage combat MOLLE vest setups are practically mandatory equipment for scenario paintball and airsoft players, because they allow players to easily carry all the gear and accessories they need.  The best ACU and UTG camo and solid black airsoft and paintball combat vests, use the same based MOLLE pocket system as the tactical chest rigs used by police, urban SWAT and modern military teams. MOLLE vests are tactical combat chest rigs that utilize Velcro, as well as snaps and straps, to place pockets and gear pouches where ever you want, on the paintball or airsoft assault vest. This will allow you to customize your load out and have your ammo, backup pistol holster, air tanks and other gear exactly where you want them, allowing you to quickly and easily grab them when needed. ACU and UTG camouflage and solid black airsoft and paintball MOLLE assault vest setups are easy to add extra pouches and pockets to if you add more gear and supplies to your arsenal.  Military style tactical load bearing combat MOLLE vest chest rigs for paintball and airsoft for sale are not only made to carry extra gear easily, but also keep the weight of your gear evenly distributed for better movement and balance.  A lightweight MOLLE vest that’s setup proportionately will allow you to carry much more and not even know it since the weight is evenly spread over your shoulders and upper body. 

One of the best things about tactical military UTG and ACU MOLLE vests and police SWAT style chest rigs for paintball and airsoft combat, are how many different variations there are.  For the coolest look and the most functional carrier of your gear choose the MOLLE assault vest setup that best compliments your scenario paintball uniform. For the best invisibility, customize your ACU or UTG camouflage tactical paintball vest and scenario outfit with the natural environment you’ll be playing in whenever possible.  Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when choosing the best tactical paintball or airsoft assault vest is the type of pouches it comes with, and whether or not it has a pistol holster.  Solidify your identity on the scenario paintball or airsoft battlefield by matching the right tactical military camo or urban SWAT style combat vest chest rig with your role in the game.  If you play in the backfield and provide lots of cover fire for the frontmen, choose a tactical airsoft or paintball load bearing MOLLE vest setup that’s designed to carry numerous ammo pods.  As a front player or tactical scout, a lightweight vest equipped with a pistol holster is best for fighting your way out of close quarter battles and fast short range fighting. No matter your role, there is a solid black or camouflage combat chest rig for sale, and tactical set up that will allow you to have the assault gear you need, when you need it and give you the tactical advantage you need to be your best.
At Choice Paintball Guns we carry a huge selection of the best military UTG and ACU camo MOLLE vests as well as black police SWAT team style chest rigs, at everyday cheap discount online sales prices. Most of our tactical airsoft and paintball combat vest setups have pistol holsters and are all lightweight, comfortable and can have their MOLLE gear pockets and pouches configured in a variety of ways to customize your load out.  We also carry extra MOLLE vest pouches, pistol holsters and accessories in addition to our load bearing tactical airsoft and paintball chest rigs. We want to make sure it is easy for you to setup your tactical paintball or airsoft combat vests exactly the way you want it. No matter what position or style of play you prefer or whether you are looking for a military UTG or ACU camouflage assault vest  or an urban black SWAT style chest rig, we have the best load bearing tactical paintball or airsoft MOLLE vest for you, at cheap discount online sales price. Being an online based paintball supplies store, we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional businesses. These savings get passed to you in the form of everyday cheap discount online sales prices on the best solid black or camo airsoft and paintball MOLLE assault vest chest rigs. 
We also provide high resolution photos and detailed product description to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best load bearing paintball or airsoft MOLLE combat vest for you. Our store’s checkout is also 100% secure and easy to use. If after looking at the airsoft and paintball military UTG and ACU camo vests, and tactical solid black police/SWAT style chest rig setups, we will be glad to answer any questions you have by phone or email.  When you buy your tactical gear carrier from our online airsoft and paintball supplies store, you will get a high quality, lightweight and sturdy, authentic UTG or ACU military camouflage assault vest or a solid black SWAT style load bearing MOLLE combat chest rig, with our without a pistol holster at the best online sales prices, with fast cheap shipping. 

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