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Your Paintball Gun Will Perform Better & Last Longer When it’s Velocity is Maintained by a Good Radar Chronograph. We Offer the Best Paintball Chronographs Including Both Hand-Held Personal Use & Commercial Table Top Models For Sale at Cheap Prices

Shooting your marker at the correct velocity is important for the best performance of your gun.  If your velocity is too high, paintballs will tend to break before exiting the gun making a terrible mess that requires cleaning.  Besides breaking balls, markers that are kept at higher velocities than this tend to break o-rings and have frequent maintenance issues.  If your velocity is too low, your paintball gun will not have an effective range and paintballs may not break when they land.  All markers have a velocity that can be adjusted but to hit the right number requires a piece of equipment called a chronograph.  This is a type of radar that measures a paintball gun’s velocity in feet per second.  Paintball chronographs are held next to the gun’s barrel and produce a reading when shot.  The user then adjusts the marker’s velocity up or down to attain the correct speed.  The ASTM states the safest velocity for paintball guns is below 300 fps.  Using a good paintball chronograph is the best way to get the most out of your gun for the longest lasting play.
Shooting your marker at a reasonable velocity will also maintain fairness of the game.  Turning up your velocity higher than everyone else’s gun will allow you to shoot harder and farther, giving an unfair advantage.  This is why most paintball fields use chronograph radar equipment to keep all marker velocities the same.  A professional chronograph is essential for commercial paintball fields so players will want to keep coming back.  Paintball gun velocities will slowly change on their own due to certain factors like temperature and wear and tear.  Fields that offer rental markers will radar their guns regularly to keep them functioning the same for consistent play but also to keep them lasting the longest.  Some paintball fields allow players to bring their own markers however require guns to be checked by chronograph and properly adjusted before playing.  Most commercial fields set a max velocity of 285 as CO2 can fluctuate by up to 15 degrees throughout the day depending on temperature and this can cause your marker’s velocity to change. 
Paintball chronographs are available in several different sizes and price levels.  When purchasing a paintball chronograph to radar your marker’s velocity, choose the model with the right complexity that best fits your needs.  Most players who only play paintball once in a while will benefit from small, hand-held chronographs to keep their marker’s velocity consistent for the best performance.  To radar, these models are simply held next to your paintball gun’s barrel when shot for a reading.  Even though hand held chronographs cost between $100-$150, the benefits are well worth it.  Commercial fields that radar many paintball guns all day long do best with a more expensive table top model.  While these can cost upwards of $350, these models are left on a table and used as a chronograph station.  Paintball guns are then brought to be shot next to them for a reading.  Professional table top chronographs also often have more features like timekeeping and stopwatch functions.  Many players rely entirely on the chronographs at commercial fields to maintain their gun’s velocity, rather than spend money on their own.  Without access to a field however, the cheaper hand-held paintball chronographs are the best option.
Whether you only play paintball a few times a year or are setting up your own paintball field, a chronograph is absolutely essential equipment.  Radar your gun regularly and it will perform better and last longer.  Despite the necessity, a good paintball chronograph will be hard to find at even large brick and mortar sports stores.  This equipment is easiest acquire when bought online in a good store, like ours.  We offer easy to use hand-held models great for referees to use on the field or for individual use and the more complex table top versions for commercial fields.  All the paintball chronographs we sell are from top name brands and have good warranties.  By offering the best radar equipment, we know they are not the cheapest expense you will pay for your gear, but we can promise to have the cheapest, most competitive prices you will find.  We also have fast shipping options in case you need to radar your marker in a hurry.  Contact us if you have questions about which paintball chronograph might be best for you or need help with your order; we try hard to have excellent customer service. 

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