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Whether You Play Scenario Or Competition Paintball, Valken Sports Offers Top Quality Markers & Accessories For Every Aspect Of Your Game. Here We Offer Valken Paintball Apparel, Protective Gear, Guns, Air Tanks & Ammo On Sale For Cheap Prices

You don’t have to be an experienced player to realize how important it is to have quality paintball gear.  Cheap equipment may save you money up front but you will eventually spend more in the long run by having to replace it.  Making an initial investment on the best quality paintball supplies will set you up for longer playing time and give you a tactical advantage on the field.  Valken is a company that produces top quality paintball gear for very affordable prices.  As a huge paintball supplies distributor, Valken carries a range of products that allow players to get completely outfitted with the best equipment for the cheapest prices.

Besides exceptional quality, Valken has a selection of paintball products that cover every aspect of the game – whether you play competition speedball or scenario woodsball.  Arm yourself with a Valken paintball marker for a reliable and accurate most important part of your equipment.  You can also look the part with high quality Valken competition uniforms, scenario camouflage clothing and sports apparel.  Awesome tactical vests, the best and cheapest air tanks and even premium paintball ammo make Valken a convenient one stop shop for getting all the supplies you need.
Valken paintball guns are an excellent place to start if you’re just getting started in paintball.  Both their tournament style marker and scenario gun are sturdy made, highly upgradeable and command performance in both style games.  Valken’s Vtac brand tactical paintball gun is an excellent base marker for customization into upgraded assault rifles with many accessories available.  The low price points of Valken paintball guns make them very affordable for beginners to enter the sport with.
Valken’s speedball competition paintball uniform line sets this company in front of all others when it comes to durability and unique designs.  Whether you’re an individual or on a team, walking onto the paintball field decked out from head to toe in matching Valken competition gear has been known to cause serious intimidation in the opposing players.  Win the game before it even starts with a professional uniform that shows how serious you play paintball! 
Valken’s Vtac line of tactical accessory gear frequently causes some of the same reactions on the scenario field as well.  If you’re looking to blend into your environment, Vtac camouflage clothing are a scenario paintballer’s dream!  The Valken Vtac apparel line includes stylish custom looking pants, jerseys and even tactical vests with matching pouches in several different camouflage patterns.
Both Valken paintball competition uniforms and Vtac scenario apparel are made with amazing quality craftsmanship.  All of Valken professional apparel feature protective padding, super durable double stitching and vented plates in strategic areas for improved comfort.  Valken tournament style and competition clothing is comfortable to wear, easy to move in and super sturdy; it will definitely give you the tactical edge in whatever game you play.
Besides the great protection Valken scenario camouflage and competition paintball uniforms include, Valken also carries a complete line of protective body armor gear as well.  Valken protective padding for knees, elbows, shins and forearms are well known to be some of the most comfortable and easy to move in as well as affordable.  They also produce one of the best paintball chest protectors in the business – with matching padded slider shorts.  Wear the Valken neck protector as well for a complete outfit of full body armor to play as hard as you want without the sting and worry of injury.
Valken paintball also produces other must-have accessory equipment like their own brand of paintball gun air tanks.  Valken air tanks are always brand new with current safety ratings, they also feature the best quality for top performance.  Valken has their own CO2 tanks of all sizes and including the one of a kind 24oz. tank, the largest CO2 tank in paintball.  They also produce some of the best high pressure compressed air tanks for high performance competition markers as well. 
Finally, after getting completely outfitted with gear, many players turn to Valken for high quality paintball ammo as well.  Valken offers a wide range of paintballs from recreational practice play to top level tournament grade.  Whichever you choose, you can rest assured the best quality shells, bright colored filling and super cheap prices.  While paintballs are an on-going expense for regular play, Valken paintball ammo keeps your sport affordable without sacrificing quality.
Not only is Valken’s equipment sturdy and reliable, it’s also very affordable.  You can get a complete uniform, whether you’re playing speedball or scenario paintball – cheap!  You can also cover yourself with Valken protective body armor and still stay within a tight budget.  Paintball ammo, air tanks and some of the best beginner paintball guns also top the list of definite purchases to consider from Valken.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we strive to offer the best paintball supplies possible, that’s why we’re proud dealers of all of Valken’s products.  We also feature the latest products for the cheapest prices and have top rated customer service to make your shopping experience easy, affordable and fun. 
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