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Eliminate Entire Squads of Opponents w/an Effective Surprise Attack Using Realistic Paintball Grenades! Here We Offer Safe, Fun Paintball Smoke Bombs & Grenades Including Both Cannon Shot & Hand-Thrown For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

Empire BT Paint Grenade M12Empire BT Paint Grenade M12
Tippmann Big Boy Paint GrenadeTippmann Big Boy Paint Grenade
Tippmann Pod Rocket Paint Grenade (3 Pack)Tippmann Pod Rocket Paint Grenade (3 Pack)

No matter how good your game strategy is, things can go immediately awry when surprised by your opponents.  The surprise attack is something that will nearly always turn the tide of a battle as it’s impossible to know when or if it’s coming.  There’s nothing more deflating than getting caught in an ambush when travelling to your field position.  Facing a barrage of bullets, half of which you can’t even see their origins, your whole team can be easily eliminated simply because the enemy got the jump on you with a surprise attack.  In many cases, it can be very difficult to plan an ambush like this without knowing your opponent’s route of travel ahead of time, especially on large woodsball fields.  Despite this, you can still plan an effective surprise for your opponents with the use of certain gear.  Paintball grenades and smoke bombs are awesome to use as diversionary tactics and almost always catch your enemies off guard.  These scenario accessories offer more strategic options, add an exciting element to your game and are super fun to play with!
When it comes to mastering the art of the surprise in scenario woodsball, paintball grenades and smoke bombs are excellent however there are several different types.  Smoke grenades do not actually eliminate your enemies by covering them with paint, but are more used for a distraction or visual barrier.  Providing a thick curtain of smoke is awesome for concealing your location and masking your movement so your opponents can’t see you, especially in open fields with very little cover.  Confused at where you might be hiding, your enemies are easily surprised when you pop out from behind your smoke grenade firing a barrage of paintballs at them.  Paintball smoke grenades are also very effective for use as passive distractions.  Any type of barrier that obstructs vision will keep your opponents on edge and focused more on fear rather than executing their own plan.  Smoke bombs left in areas where your enemies must travel through makes it harder for them to pay attention to where they’re going, causing them to veer off in the wrong direction and waste time.  Lingering smoke from a paintball grenade also makes the field look like an eerie scene out of a horror movie, also contributing to the nervousness of your opponents. 
Besides creating visual barriers, paintball grenades are also available for sale that will actively eliminate your enemies covering them with paint.  These do not create smoke but are actually a type of ammunition either shot from your gun or thrown by your hand.  Hand thrown paintball grenades are very similar to their real life counterpart; a pin is pulled and paint either spits out while in the air or explodes on contact, much like a water balloon.  These grenades are inexpensive but are a one-time use accessory; once you throw them, they are not re-usable and you cannot refill them for another throw.  While surprising to your opponent, hand thrown paintball grenades have to be right on the mark or you may miss your target.  Often, their spray or splatter has a smaller radius and is best thrown into a crowd to be most effective.  Grenades that are shot from a paintball gun are more costly than smoke bombs or hand thrown but are also re-usable and by far the most realistic and fun to play with.  These require several accessories to use and only have a distance of less than 50 feet, however produce an impressive shotgun blast of paint that will easily cover an entire enemy team if in the right range.
No matter what your budget is, you can bring a new surprise element to any scenario game with paintball grenades and smoke bombs.  Whether used for a planned sneak attack or on the fly, these accessories will add a new dimension of strategic options and excitement every time you use them.  Regardless of their use, it’s important the smoke bombs and paintball grenades are top quality so you don’t use a ‘dud’ that can ruin the whole mission.  This is why you should purchase this tactical gear from our online paintball store.  We only deal with top name brand suppliers who produce the best quality, most reliable and realistic products possible.  We also sell all our scenario paintball equipment at rock bottom prices so you can afford to stock up on all the coolest supplies you need to take your game to the next level.  We carry a huge selection of smoke bombs and grenades of all kinds including both hand thrown and marker models.  For paintball grenades shot from your gun, we also carry all the accessories you need for cheap prices.  Buy from us and you will also be impressed with exceptional customer service.  If you have questions about any of the paintball grenades or smoke bombs we have for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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