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Now Kids Can Have More Protection and Easier Access to the Paintball or Airsoft Gear they Need with a Youth Tactical MOLLE Combat Vest. We Offer the Best Kids Military Tactical Vests and Load Bearing Chest Rigs with Pistol Holsters and Customizable Setups for Paintball or Airsoft in Youth Sizes For Sale at Cheap Prices.

Paintball is not recommended for players who are under 18 years old however this is not because it’s dangerous for youth players, but simply because the best combat games are too intense.  The sting of being hit by a speeding paintball is a bit much for young kids but the fun of this game allures many regardless.  The problem is there is very little paintball or airsoft tactical gear in youth sizes.  You can invest lots of money into the basics like guns, ammo and masks that can be used by any size player but when it comes to protective gear for the rest of body, you will have a hard time finding anything for kids.  Protecting the chest and torso from being hit can make a tactical paintball or airsoft game much for comfortable and fun to play.  However finding molle harnesses or load bearing gear carrier chest rigs for sale in kid’s sizes can be next to impossible.  This poses a problem for youth paintball and airsoft players who want to carry more than just their weapon.  Extra ammo, gun parts and other tactical accessories can be essential for extended play and more fun but kids are extremely limited with what little gear they can stuff in just their pockets.  A good tactical combat pistol can be a great investment for the best military play but not an option for youth players because of its size.  Most leg holsters or molle sidearm thigh pouches for sale are too big and bulky for kid’s legs and cannot be used to carry pistol paintball or airsoft guns.
The best option for youth paintball and airsoft players is a tactical vest for kids.  Just like the adult chest rigs, these are molle gear carriers designed for paintball or airsoft military combat play however in small sizes for kids.  Youth size molle tactical vests for sale are great for load bearing tons of equipment spaced evenly around the chest and torso for comfortable balanced movement.  Youth molle combat vests and chest rigs make it so kids can have whatever tactical gear they need right at their fingertips with different size pouches and even large pistols in a molle holster attached right to the front.  The best molle style paintball and airsoft vests or sale allow kids to customize their rig’s pouch setup for carrying gear specific to the military combat mission they will play.  A good tactical vest with pockets fully load bearing also offers more protection for youth players.  Paintball and airsoft vest lets kids play longer and have more fun without having to worry about being stung when hit in the chest by a paintball.  Molle tactical vests for kids are available for sale for in basic military colors including black, olive, tan and digi camo.  This gives youth players a more realistic look and cooler setup that will give them the best advantage on any scenario battlefield.
Youth molle tactical vests make paintball and airsoft safer and less painful so younger players can enjoy the same military combat games all the bigger kids play.  These chest rigs make it possible for kids to have instant access to the gear they need while offering excellent protection to the chest and torso.  At our online store, we offer the best youth tactical vests for paintball and airsoft for sale in sizes that will fit most kids ages 5-12.  We have a great selection of molle size tactical vests for kids in all basic military colors including black, tan, olive and digi camo with lots of pouch options and even pistol holsters.  Our store makes it easy to get hard to find youth size paintball and airsoft gear, but you will also get the best deal possible; all our youth tactical molle vests are for sale at super cheap prices, so it won’t cost a lot to get a great custom looking setup that your kids will love.  We also have excellent customer service if want more information about sizing, availability or need help with your order.  If you have questions about any of the youth tactical molle vests or kids load bearing chest rigs for paintball and airsoft combat we have for sale, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.  

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