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Customize Your Tactical Vest & Carry All Your Gear With Specialized Camo Pouches. Here We Offer The Best Quality Military Tactical Paintball Vest Pouches On Sale For Cheap Prices

Scenario paintball games can be lengthy, often lasting for hours and sometimes even days.  The player who can carry the most equipment will have the most un-interrupted fun!  This is why it’s best to carry as much paintball gear as possible stuffed in pouches and pockets that line modular tactical vests.  Fortunately, there are many pouches and pockets designed solely for carrying specific paintball gear, offering many different customization options for most tactical vests.  Here is a great selection of the best quality modular vest pouches available…
Canteen PouchCanteen Pouch
CO2 Paintball Pod Holder for Tactical VestCO2 Paintball Pod Holder for Tactical Vest
M4/M16 Magazine PouchM4/M16 Magazine Pouch
Medic/Utility PouchMedic/Utility Pouch
MOLLE 100 Round Paintball Pod PouchMOLLE 100 Round Paintball Pod Pouch
MOLLE 2X Paintball Pod PouchMOLLE 2X Paintball Pod Pouch
MOLLE 3X Pod PouchMOLLE 3X Pod Pouch
MOLLE 40mm Double Grenade PouchMOLLE 40mm Double Grenade Pouch
MOLLE Double Utility Tactical Gear PouchMOLLE Double Utility Tactical Gear Pouch
MOLLE M4/M16 Magazine PouchMOLLE M4/M16 Magazine Pouch
MOLLE Map/ID PouchMOLLE Map/ID Pouch
MOLLE Name Tag PouchMOLLE Name Tag Pouch
MOLLE Radio PouchMOLLE Radio Pouch
MOLLE Ranger Cross Draw Holster (.68 cal pistols)MOLLE Ranger Cross Draw Holster (.68 cal pistols)
MOLLE Shotgun Shell PouchMOLLE Shotgun Shell Pouch
MOLLE SWAT Cross Draw Holster (.43 cal pistols)MOLLE SWAT Cross Draw Holster (.43 cal pistols)
MOLLE Vertical CO2 Paintball Air Tank PouchMOLLE Vertical CO2 Paintball Air Tank Pouch
Name Tag PouchName Tag Pouch
Olive Drab Molle Quad Paintball Pod PouchOlive Drab Molle Quad Paintball Pod Pouch
Paintball Magazine Leg PouchPaintball Magazine Leg Pouch
Paintball Shotgun Shell PouchPaintball Shotgun Shell Pouch
Paintball Vest 2X Pod PouchPaintball Vest 2X Pod Pouch
USMG Carbine Magazine PouchUSMG Carbine Magazine Pouch
Vertical 4X Paintball Pod PouchVertical 4X Paintball Pod Pouch
VTac 45 Degree Molle PanelVTac 45 Degree Molle Panel
VTac Grenade PouchVTac Grenade Pouch
VTac Multi PouchVTac Multi Pouch
VTac Paintball Vest ID PouchVTac Paintball Vest ID Pouch
VTac Radio PouchVTac Radio Pouch
VTac Tactical Paintball Thigh RigVTac Tactical Paintball Thigh Rig
VTac Zipper PouchVTac Zipper Pouch

Scenario paintballers can have a lot of gear to carry – using a tactical vest is the best way to do it!  Most players carry their ammunition in either pods or magazines in modular vest pouches.  Vest pouches are also convenient for holding your paintball gun air tank carried remotely on your back.  There are also tons of other specialized pockets available for equipment like paintball grenades, maps/ID cards and even radios. 
The best thing about having so much variety with different pouches available is the ability to customize your military tactical vest for any occasion.  Some players need specific pouches to cater their vest for their position on the field.  For example, a back player’s vest should be equipped with pouches that carry the most ammo, as they will be doing the most shooting.
A front player or scout position may customize their tactical vest with a paintball pistol holster and few ammo pouches to keep the garment lighter weight and easier to move in.  Most players customize their tactical vest with pouches that will best carry their favorite gear.  This may include magazine pouches for their specific paintball gun or a certain size pouch to fit their favorite compressed air tank.
Most modular pouches and pockets suited for military tactical paintball vests are available in nearly every pattern of camouflage.  This is also a great advantage that allows you to customize your tactical vest camo color to match the camo on your fatigues or the rest of your scenario gear.  When purchasing, narrow down your choices by first seeking out the camo color you want to match.
Make sure the modular pouches you choose for your tactical vest are made from the best quality materials with sturdy construction.  Look for pouches with thick, canvas like material with double stitching in the seams.  If your vest pouches are made with cheap materials, they may tear or malfunction during a game, possibly causing you to drop or lose whatever gear the pocket was holding.
Before buying, it’s also important to make sure the pouches you want will be compatible with your modular tactical vest.  Some pouches attach to certain vests with a Velcro system, while others are compatible with the MOLLE strap/snap system.  For the most universal compatibility, it’s best to choose pouches compatible with MOLLE vests as these are the most popular and easiest to install/change out.
Customize your modular paintball vest with a unique combination of camo pouches and pockets to carry your tactical paintball gear.  A fully customized vest will not only carry all your necessary equipment, but is also great protective garment when the pouches are full!  Fortunately, pouches for tactical vests are fairly cheap, so it won’t cost a lot to get completely outfitted with the most realistic military looking gear.  It will not brake your bank to have the tactical vest of your dreams – especially with the low prices at ChoicePaintballGuns.com!
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