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Binoculars & Radios Allow For Long Range Communication On The Paintball Field. Here We Offer The Best Compact Binoculars, Walkie Talkies & Throat Mic Communication Devices For Sale

Scenario paintball can change in a minute’s notice from an unexpected movement or action by your opponent.  This is why having a flexible strategy with different back up plans is a must.  Scenario paintball equipment that helps you create an active strategy on the field is essential.  Communication devices like 2 way radios and throat mics help you stay in contact with your teammates, even while separated.  Binoculars help you keep an eye on your opponent’s movement from a safe distance.  Here is a great selection of both…


Compact Binoculars 10X25Compact Binoculars 10X25
NVMT Night Vision Multitask 2x24NVMT Night Vision Multitask 2x24
Zoom Binoculars 8-25X25Zoom Binoculars 8-25X25
Radios & Communication Devices

Radios & Communication Devices

Code Red CQB/Kenwood, 2 Pin Connector HeadsetCode Red CQB/Kenwood, 2 Pin Connector Headset
Code Red CQB/Midland, 2 Pin Connector HeadsetCode Red CQB/Midland, 2 Pin Connector Headset
Code Red CQB/Motorola, 1 or 2 Pin Connector HeadsetCode Red CQB/Motorola, 1 or 2 Pin Connector Headset
Midland Tactical Radio Throat MicMidland Tactical Radio Throat Mic
Remote PTTRemote PTT
Throat Mic Combo PackageThroat Mic Combo Package
Throat Mic for Baofeng Portable 2 Way RadioThroat Mic for Baofeng Portable 2 Way Radio
U.S. SWAT Ear PieceU.S. SWAT Ear Piece

Communication amongst your team is vital in both speedball and tactical scenario paintball, however different in their style.  Speedball fields are smaller and closed off, allowing verbal commands to be heard and hand signs to be seen.  Woodsball and scenario paintball games are often played on much larger courses, forcing you to communicate long ranges through the use of walkie talkies, 2 way radios and binoculars.
Keeping in constant contact with your team through the use of communication devices (like radios and throat mics) can be a key advantage in any game. These accessories can have a long range allowing you to cover a broad area, separate from your group and still relay instructions back to them.  Two way radios generally have a longer range than walkie talkies.  The best radios allow for headsets with ear phones so communication can continue hands free. 
The best throat mic systems also provide background noise concealing for clear audio; this allows your teammates to hear you whispering while undercover and still receive details even in a noisy environment.  Send a scout to follow and track your opponent’s movement; use a 2 way radio with a headset and throat mic to communicate their position to set up an ambush or sneak attack.
Binoculars are another great piece of tactical gear to help keep track of your opponents and create on-going strategy.  Binoculars will help you study and track your opponent’s movement from a safe distance - giving you time to plan counter attacks, flanking maneuvers or alternate routes of travel.  A pair of compact binoculars should definitely be a part of a paintball sniper’s gear, but other positions will benefit from using them as well.
Binoculars and walkie talkies are also great to use for communicating to your own teammates from afar.  In case you don’t want to give away details out loud over the radio, you can use binoculars to watch your sign language from a long range distance.  Just hope your enemy isn’t watching you with a pair of binoculars of his own! 
When shopping for the best binoculars and radios, choose models that are small, lightweight and easy to use.  Binoculars that fold up to become super compact are best so they fit in the pocket of a tactical vest.  For the easiest use, choose a radio or walkie talkie that will fit in a small pocket on your shoulder, closest to your mouth.  Headsets, ear phones and throat mics offer hands free communication and the most unhindered movement.
If you’re unsure of which radios, walkie talkies and binoculars are best for paintball, check out our great selection.  We have chosen the most popularly used and best quality communication devices found on the scenario paintball battlefield.  At, you will also find we have some of the best prices on the internet.  Our paintball equipment is affordable enough to outfit your entire crew!
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