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Perform Better On The Field By Wearing The Best Paintball Footwear. Here We Offer A Wide Selection Of Paintball Athletic Shoes, Cleats & Military Combat Boots For Sale At Cheap, Discount Prices

You can wear any type of sneaker or athletic shoe to play paintball.  However the most savvy players use footwear specifically designed to boost their performance on the field.  Speedball players tend to prefer paintball cleats for the best traction, while woodsball enthusiasts often wear military combat boots more suited for rough terrain.  Choose your paintball footwear to best suit the type of game you play…

Choose your paintball footwear to not only match the type of game you enjoy (speedball or woodsball) but more importantly the type of turf or terrain you’ll be playing on.  Speedball games are often played on Astroturf or a flat manicured grass field, much like a football field.  Athletic shoes, running shoes, cross-trainers or any type of sneakers with good traction work fine for this type of game.
Paintball cleats are the best athletic shoes to wear for speedball competition as they will provide the best grip on a grass or flat turf terrain.  Paintball cleats are an athletic shoe with small screw-in plastic or metal spikes designed specifically for this type of field and tailored to the most common moves players make during this game.  About the cost of a mid-range pair of brand name sneakers, paintball cleats are fairly cheap compared to most athletic shoes.
Woodsball is played on a natural terrain, so the environment varies on where the game is located; this could be in the forest, open field or outcroppings of rocks.  Scenario paintball players often use combat boots as their preferred footwear.  Military style combat boots are best as they offer plenty of protection; they are high top to protect your ankles and calves and made with durable materials, such as leather and thick canvas. 
When purchasing military combat boots for scenario paintball, shop for a boot that’s lightweight so they don’t weigh you down after a long day.  It’s common for your footwear to get wet when playing in a natural terrain; the best combat boots are not only as light as possible, but also water resistant.  Also, try to match the temperature of your playing environment with the style of boot you choose; combat boots are made for both hot or cold weather.
Buy your paintball footwear from!  We carry several models of sneakers, athletic shoes and military combat and hiking boots for both tournament style speedball and tactical scenario woodsball games.  We only sell paintball cleats and combat boots that are lightweight, sturdy and offer the most protection for the safest play.

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