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Factory Closeouts & Last Chance Sales Are The Cheapest Way To Buy Paintball Guns & Supplies. Here We Offer Top, Name Brand Paintball Guns & Gear Packages For Sale at Super Cheap, Discount Prices

One of the cheapest ways of getting top name brand paintball gear at huge discounts is to shop for factory closeouts.  Paintball supplies that have gone ‘out of style’, are not being produced anymore or have simply been replaced by the latest model can often be found really cheap.  Here is a great selection of top quality paintball guns and gear that are the last ones on the shelf…
Closeout Paintball Guns

Closeout Paintball Guns

Spyder FenixSpyder Fenix
Spyder Victor Semi-AutomaticSpyder Victor Semi-Automatic
Popular Paintball Masks

Popular Paintball Masks

General Equipment Specials

General Equipment Specials

.68 Clear Paintballs (qty. 500).68 Clear Paintballs (qty. 500)
140 Round Pod140 Round Pod
Invert Helix Mask PackageInvert Helix Mask Package
Tippmann Remote LineTippmann Remote Line
Every year, the top name brand paintball supply companies come out with the latest model paintball guns and gear.  Once this happens, the prices of last year’s equipment and package deals often get discounted.  If you don’t mind waiting, this is a great way to get some of the most popular paintball guns and supplies for the cheapest prices.
If you plan on getting completely outfitted, it doesn’t take long for the cost of paintball gear to become expensive, even in a package deal.  This is why it’s also smart to shop for supplies that have been discontinued by a manufacturer but still remain on the shelves of a paintball store.  Most stores are anxious to get rid of factory closeout inventory and will often offer rock bottom, discount prices.
When purchasing factory closeout paintball supplies, proceed with caution for some of the more expensive items, particularly paintball guns.  Before buying, inquire first about warranty information to make sure there is still some coverage in case of a breakdown; at the very minimum, check to see if there are still parts available.  Getting stuck with a paintball gun that doesn’t work and there is no way to fix it isn’t worth it, no matter how cheap it was to buy.
Some factory closeout paintball gun packages are sold ‘as is’ and no longer have support from the parent company as the items have been discontinued.  Depending on the item however, sometimes these are the cheapest deals.  In many cases, paintball guns that have been discontinued and replaced with a later model often have compatible parts, so you won’t get stuck if there’s a problem.
At ChoicePaintballGuns, it’s safe to buy discounted paintball guns and gear from our factory closeout section.  Paintball supplies that have been discontinued or sold ‘as is’ are always noted in our product descriptions.  Our Factory Closeouts/Last Chance specials are a great way to get the hottest paintball guns and equipment package deals for the cheapest, discounted prices available.
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