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Revive Your Tired Paintball Mask by Customizing Its Boring Single Pane Lens w/a Hi Tech Double Pane Thermal Set. We Offer the Best Mirrored, Tinted, Scratch Resistant, Easy to Clean Polycarbonate & Anti Fog Lenses on Sale for the Cheapest Prices

The most physical paintball games are great fun but can be hard on your equipment.  There’s nothing worse than having to retire your paintball mask because your scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses got cracked when you dove behind a boulder for cover.  When this happens, you don’t have to throw out your favorite mask; it can easily be revived by a replacement lens.  Sometimes a damaged lens can be a good opportunity to upgrade your paintball mask into something more custom.  With most brands, it’s easy to go from a boring single pane stock lens to a high performance double mirrored anti fog thermal lens and not even spend that much extra.  You will be the talk of the field when your friends see you cleaning your new upgraded paintball mask lenses.
Most paintball masks come stock with single pane lenses that leave players hungry for better performance after just a few games.  Lens fogging is perhaps the biggest problem however single panes are often not scratch resistant and easily damaged like this.  One of the marks of a good mask is an easy removal system for the lenses so they can be quickly taken out in between games for cleaning but also upgrading to something better.  Customizing your mask with a cool looking lens can be fun as there are many different variations to choose from (depending on the brand).  If all you’re looking for is a fierce appearance however, you probably shouldn’t spend the extra money on top of the line polycarbonate double lenses.  A good mirrored lens or dark smoked lens will instantly turn an average looking cheap priced paintball mask into an awesome futuristic assassin helmet.
When you’re finally ready to give your paintball mask the custom treatment it deserves by upgrading with a new lens, choose performance before settling on just a cool appearance.  Trade your boring old single pane lens for a double pane thermal for ease of cleaning and to greatly reduce the fogging that plagues most player’s masks.  Your lenses will last much longer if you upgrade with high tech polycarbonate, scratch resistant lenses.  Choose a colored or tinted lens for the best use in certain lighting conditions.  For example, rose or yellow tinted lenses offer the best contrast and sharpness in low light or hazy conditions and dark tinted lenses are the most comfortable for your eyes in bright light.  Mirrored lenses block some glare however are mostly cosmetic and best for an awesome custom look. 
If you have a low quality paintball mask or generic brand, you may be stuck with a plain single pane lens as there may not be any upgrades available.  However most popular good brand masks have numerous replacement lenses for sale you can customize with.  Improve both the look and performance of your mask when you upgrade to an awesome mirrored scratch resistant polycarbonate thermal lens that’s also super easy to clean.  To find out what lenses are available for your mask and the best selection of high tech, anti fog double pane thermal lenses, check out our online store.  We carry numerous different models from nearly every brand of paintball mask and sell them for discount prices.  Our store is an excellent place to upgrade your goggles for the cheapest price and most conveniently.  If you have any questions about which lens will fit your paintball mask, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help you. 
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