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Fast, Accurate & Featuring Top Technology, GoG Tournament Paintball Guns Are The New Smart Parts Markers. Here We Offer The Best Beginner Paintball Guns; GoG Competition Markers For Sale At Cheap Prices

When you’re just starting to play paintball, stay away from paintball guns that are too advanced.  Even though they boast top performance, higher end tournament markers often frustrate beginners with frequent maintenance and overly sensitive technology.  The best paintball markers for beginners are reliable, affordable and simple to maintain.  GoG paintball guns have the perfect balance between cheap cost, ease of use and top performance; excellent for the beginner and intermediate player.
GoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - BlackGoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - Black
GoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - BlueGoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - Blue
GoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - GreenGoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - Green
GoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - RedGoG eNMEy Paintball Gun - Red
GoG paintball guns are manufactured by the same people who made Smart Parts paintball guns and equipment.  Smart Parts was a paintball company that was strong back in the 90’s, famous for their award winning competition markers, the Ion, Epiphany and NXT Shockers.  These guns were ahead of their time in speed, efficiency and sturdiness.  For unknown reasons, Smart Parts disband and stopped producing guns; however they’re apparently back!  Now they’re doing business as GoG paintball guns and they’re producing different markers – however with the same quality and reliability as their first go round as a company. 
GoG paintball guns were developed as entry level markers for beginner and intermediate level players.  These tournament style paintball guns feature top technology on a sturdy, lightweight frame and deliver consistent performance.  They are simple to use and maintain, shoot faster than most stock paintball guns and are overall very reliable markers.  GoG paintball guns come in two designs, both of which boast a sleek appearance, fast, accurate action and very affordable prices.
Both GoG paintball gun models are tournament ready however each geared for the experience level of the player.  With prices for each under $250, these paintball markers sport technology found on high end guns that cost $1000+!  GoG paintball guns feature a hammer-free, precision electro-pneumatic design and easy to remove bolt from the back of the gun for incredibly simple maintenance.  Operating on very low pressure, you will love how reliable your shots are with GoG markers anti-chop technology.
GoG paintball guns are compatible with either CO2 or high pressure air.  One of the best things about buying a GoG paintball marker is their prices are so cheap, it leaves you with plenty of room to purchase other accessories… like a high pressure air tank.  As with any paintball marker, an hpa tank will greatly contribute to your GoG tournament paintball gun’s consistency and performance (when compared with CO2).
GoG tournament paintball markers feature adjustable triggers with multiple firing modes.  Just like all the best paintball guns, GoG marker triggers include semi-auto, fully automatic, 3-round burst, PSP and Billyball options.  All GoG paintball guns are made with super strong, lightweight aluminum alloys, so they can handle serious abuse on the field and still keep ticking.  Just like all of Smart Part’s previous work, these guns are built to last.  They are also compatible with Smart Parts barrel threads – including their famous Freak Barrels.
With fantastic accuracy, speeds up to 20+ bps and colored body kit upgrades, GoG paintball guns offer both performance and a professional look.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we are glad to offer GoG tournament markers because we believe it’s important to keep costs as low as possible to make it easier for players to try our sport.  We have excellent customer service and a 100% secure checkout to make it easy and safe to get the best equipment possible. 
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