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Throw A Fun Paintball Birthday Party Your Guests Will Never Forget! Here We Offer Discount Paintball Guns, Equipment & Supplies Needed For A Paintball Themed Party

If you want to have a party you will never forget, choose paintball as your theme.  Paintball equipment makes a great gift for the birthday boy/girl, but your party will be the talk of the town if you host a giant paintball battle as entertainment.  Fortunately, there are many cheap paintball guns and supplies so hosting a paintball themed party is affordable.  Here is a selection of great paintball gift ideas, party favors and all the supplies you will need for this type of event…
Great Birthday Gift Ideas...

Great Birthday Gift Ideas...

Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro PackSpyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack
Cheap Supplies For Hosting A Paintball Party...

Cheap Supplies For Hosting A Paintball Party...

Spyder Victor Semi-AutomaticSpyder Victor Semi-Automatic
VTac SW-1 Blackhawk Paintball MarkerVTac SW-1 Blackhawk Paintball Marker
VTac Reversible Chest ProtectorVTac Reversible Chest Protector
Great Paintball Party Favors...

Great Paintball Party Favors...

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics Book501 Paintball Tips, Tricks & Tactics Book
Deluxe Maintenance KitDeluxe Maintenance Kit
Easy Flow 200 Round Hopper (Qty. 10)Easy Flow 200 Round Hopper (Qty. 10)
Tactical SlingTactical Sling

If you’re going to buy paintball gear as a birthday gift, your best bet is to choose a beginner’s paintball gun package.  Package deals are the cheapest way to get quality paintball gear and include a complete set with everything needed to get started playing.  The best packages will include a paintball gun, hopper, protective mask and CO2 tank.
Your present will be the most popular at the party if the recipient can use their new paintball gun right away!  To set up a paintball party, first decide how much equipment you are willing to provide.  The cheapest way to go is BYOPBG… Bring Your Own Paintball Gear; however this may somewhat limit your number of guests – if they don’t have any paintball equipment, they can’t come to the party!
If you have a larger budget, you might consider providing the bare essential supplies for your guests.  Unless you can get a volume purchase discount from the right store, this would entail purchasing paintball guns, masks and air tanks for however many guests you invite.  For the cheapest deal, it’s worth your time to shop around; some stores (like ChoicePaintballGuns) are willing to offer discounts off custom packages, making this option surprisingly affordable.
To keep costs as cheap as possible, consider meeting your guests halfway.  Ask party guests to bring their own paintball gun, however you provide the paintballs, full air tanks and perhaps a few extra paintball masks.  It may also behoove you to try and fit a couple extra cheap priced paintball guns into the budget to keep your guests covered in case of an equipment break down.
With so many cheap paintball gun accessories and supplies for sale, it might also fit in your budget to offer your guests paintball related party favors.  Cheap equipment is great for this and could include barrel squeegees, gun cleaning supplies, hoppers, bandanas or t-shirts.  It might also be fun for your guests to offer some of the extra paintball equipment you bought for the party as door prizes.
Next time you’re planning a party, consider making it a paintball theme!  When you shop at, you can get all the supplies you will need at cheap, discount prices.  If you have to provide equipment for your guests, send us a list of supplies you want and we will be glad to offer you a discounted quote for a volume purchase.  Let us help you outfit your party with the best paintball gear for the cheapest prices.

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