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Infinity Paintballs (2000 ct.)

Infinity Paintballs (2000 ct.)

Infinity Paintballs (2000 ct.)
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Most beginners start out with entry level paintball markers. While these guns are great for learning the ropes of the game and how to take care of your marker, they are generally a bit less refined than high performance competition paintball guns. They can also be hard on paintballs with brittle shells used for tournaments often causing these balls to break inside your gun and making a mess. Basic model beginner level markers must shoot paintball ammo with firm shells to avoid this headache.
Valken Infinity paintballs are .68 caliber ammo that’s best for beginner markers because they have a thicker shell and won’t break inside your gun. They’re also ideal for most magazine fed paintball guns that commonly have problems with balls breaking inside the actual magazine. Sometimes tactical paintball guns and markers with higher velocities require paint with firm shells; Infinity paintball ammo is perfect for these guns.
Besides being a paintball that’s super durable, it’s super cheap price allows it to be an excellent practice ball. The more practice you do, the better at paintball you become. Unfortunately regular enough practice to improve your skills is expensive because of how much paintball ammo you go through. Valken Infinity paintballs are priced very affordably for most beginners and athletes who practice and play a lot.
Valken Infinity .68 caliber paintballs also have resilient, bright color fillings that mark your targets excellently and without question. Infinity ammo comes in orange, yellow and white colors and are excellent for playing in the woods or even darkened areas because their splats are so bright. These paintballs are top quality paintball gun ammo you will want to use over and over again. Contact us for a quote if you want to purchase Infinity paintballs in bulk for even cheaper prices. At Choicepaintballguns, we get your order out fast so you can have the gear you need as soon as possible; our customer service is top rated.

*We do not guarantee the color choice of the paintballs you order. Most of the time we can ship the color you order without problems, however sometimes the manufacturer is not producing that color; at which time we reserve the right to ship a different color that's in stock. If you must have a certain color paintball, please contact us in advance (before placing your order) so we can check availability.
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