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Save Money Refilling Your Paintball Gun’s Portable Air Tanks From Large Size Co2 Cylinders & Compressed Air Tanks. Here We Offer Bulk Size CO2 & High Pressure Air Tanks On Sale For Cheap Prices

Paintball guns depend on CO2 or compressed air for power; when the tanks run out, the game is over.  To continue playing, you must refill your air tanks.  Sometimes finding a refill station can be tough and even impossible depending on where you live.  If you play enough, owning a bulk sized air tank to become your own refill station is a great way to save money and trouble.  Here is a great selection of large sized CO2 and compressed air tanks on sale for very affordable prices…
Aluminum 100 cubic feet 3000 psi CylinderAluminum 100 cubic feet 3000 psi Cylinder
Bulk 20 lbs. CO2 TankBulk 20 lbs. CO2 Tank
Bulk 35 lbs. CO2 TankBulk 35 lbs. CO2 Tank
Bulk 4 Bottle Cascade System with RegulatorBulk 4 Bottle Cascade System with Regulator
Bulk 4500 psi Storage CylinderBulk 4500 psi Storage Cylinder
Bulk 6000 psi Storage CylinderBulk 6000 psi Storage Cylinder

Most commercial fields offer tank refills but also charge money for this; regular refills can become costly.  If you play paintball in an area devoid of commercial fields or paintball parks, it may be difficult to find a place to refill your CO2 or compressed air tanks, seriously limiting your ability to play as often as you want.  With a bulk size paintball air tank, refill station kit and a few other cheap accessories, it can be very affordable to fill your own portable paintball air tanks with your own equipment. 
Before buying a bulk size paintball air tank, first decide whether you’re going to use CO2 or compressed air, as the systems and refill station equipment are not compatible with each other.  In other words, a bulk size CO2 tank cannot hold compressed air and vice versa; both CO2 and compressed air refill stations require different tanks and accessories that cannot be mixed and matched.  Also realize if you’re having trouble finding refills for your small portable tanks, you will also have to find a facility to refill your bulk tanks, however oddly enough, this is generally easier to find.
Bulk size CO2 cylinders can be refilled by most commercial air tank companies for a nominal fee.  If you can’t find one of these companies in your area, ask your local hospital where they get their air tanks filled.  Commercial welding companies are also a great place to look for refilling bulk CO2 tanks and also may even rent these cylinders, however prices may vary.  Before purchasing a bulk size air tank, it’s important to compare tank rental fees with the price of owning one; make your decision based on the cheapest rate for how often you use it.
If you’re using a bulk size compressed air tank to refill portable high pressure air tanks for your paintball marker, scuba tanks work excellent; they are also much cheaper than the huge commercial grade size.  Just like CO2, the decision of what size bulk hpa tank you purchase should be based on how often you need refills and how much you’re willing to spend.  While scuba tanks can be purchased at dive shops, they may not be refilled by the same facility; dive shops fill tanks for diving and not necessarily paintball.
Dive shops that refill scuba tanks for diving fill them with a certain Nitrogen/Oxygen mix; not necessary or good for portable tanks used for paintball guns.  The best way to refill a scuba tank for paintball is to find a company or individual with an air compressor.  Realize the air compressor required to fill a bulk size compressed air tank must be commercial sized; not the $250 model used to pressure wash your house.  Commercial air compressors needed for filling paintball compressed air tanks cost between $3500-$13,000.
Considering this, it’s important to make sure you have access to the right size air compressor before buying a scuba tank or bulk size compressed air tank.  For a commercial air compressor, look for medium to large size construction companies in your area; they often own them and may allow you to refill your high pressure air tanks for a nominal fee or even free.  Like bulk size CO2 tanks, also consider checking with commercial air tank companies or welding supply stores; these establishments may also offer hpa tank refills or at least know who might.
Also check to see if these companies have a trade-in policy to replace your bulk CO2 cylinder or compressed air tank with one that has a newer hydro-test date when yours approaches its expiration date.  Keeping your bulk air tank updated with a current hydro-test date is a responsibility you will have to take on as a tank owner to ensure its safety.  Generally, hydro-test expiration dates are 5 years or longer on new tanks, however must be updated when expired or companies will no longer fill it for you. 
Whether you’re starting your own paintball field or just like to play a lot, owning your own bulk sized air tank will save you time and money.  Buy your bulk sized CO2 and compressed air tanks from Choicepaintballguns and become your own tank refill station!  We only sell the best quality, top safety rated air tanks from the most reputable sources.  Buy your paintball refill station supplies from our store and you will get the lowest prices and best customer service on the internet.  If you’re outfitting your own paintball field and need large tanks for a commercial refill station, contact us for a volume discount paintball field equipment quote.

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