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Upgrade The Look & Performance Of The Tippmann Project Salvo Paintball Gun With The Latest Mods & Accessory Parts. Here We Offer Cheap Priced, Military Replica Parts & Accessories For The US Army Project Salvo

The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo tactical paintball marker was born to be modified!  Even though it comes stock with an RIS handguard and folding butt stock, making it a tactical paintballer’s dream, it’s super easy to modify.  Most accessories can be slid or bolted directly onto the gun with very little effort or tools required.  Compatible with other top, name brand markers, there are tons of upgrade parts available and on sale for cheap prices!  Here is a great selection… 
HG BipodHG Bipod
Project Salvo Bipod with 45 Degree SwivelProject Salvo Bipod with 45 Degree Swivel
Project Salvo Carbine ButtstockProject Salvo Carbine Buttstock
Project Salvo Carry HandleProject Salvo Carry Handle
Project Salvo Complete O-Ring KitProject Salvo Complete O-Ring Kit
Project Salvo CQB Barrel with M4 Front SightProject Salvo CQB Barrel with M4 Front Sight
Project Salvo K36 Rifled Barrel + Silencer KitProject Salvo K36 Rifled Barrel + Silencer Kit
Project Salvo M4 Tactical Barrel KitProject Salvo M4 Tactical Barrel Kit
Project Salvo Offset Clamp Style Feed NeckProject Salvo Offset Clamp Style Feed Neck
Project Salvo Recon Rifled BarrelProject Salvo Recon Rifled Barrel
Project Salvo Response TriggerProject Salvo Response Trigger
Project Salvo RIS Folding GripProject Salvo RIS Folding Grip
Project Salvo SAW ButtstockProject Salvo SAW Buttstock
Project Salvo Skeleton ButtstockProject Salvo Skeleton Buttstock
Project Salvo Vertical GripProject Salvo Vertical Grip
US Army Project Salvo SMG Style Retractable ButtstockUS Army Project Salvo SMG Style Retractable Buttstock

As an owner of a Tippmann Project Salvo paintball machine gun, you will never run out of options for customizing with accessory parts.  This tactical marker is literally covered with rails ready to accept any modification compatible with weaver picatinny style rails.  As these mounts are standard for real firearms, many accessories from actual military weapons and assault rifles may also fit the Salvo.
As a part of Tippman’s US Army series, the main receiver of the Project Salvo is nearly identical to that of the Alpha Black marker.  Both guns are compatible with all accessory parts that will also fit on the Tippmann 98 Custom; giving you the advantage of being able to choose from the largest collection of upgrade parts than any other marker.  From the barrel to the trigger, every part of the US Army Project Salvo can be upgraded or modified.
The Tippmann Project Salvo paintball gun not only features four rails on a stock RIS hand guard, the top of its receiver is also a flat top rail.  Unlike the Alpha Black, the Project Salvo does not have a carry handle molded into the gun’s receiver.  This is a customization advantage, as you can choose from several different types of cool tactical looking carry handles available.  Most players choose to use this space for attaching a scope or red dot sight for better accuracy.
Even though the US Army Project Salvo comes with an amazing RIS hand guard, this barrel package is easily removed to upgrade with one of many different barrel/hand guards available.  Choose a new barrel or hand guard package wisely!  This accessory will give your Project Salvo a completely different identity and performance that may change the way you use it on the field.
The Tippmann Project Salvo marker also comes equipped with a very handy folding style stock.  Many players choose to keep it, however there are numerous different butt stock accessory parts available to further customize your gun with.  Also keep in mind to upgrade this area of the Project Salvo, sometimes the gun’s receiver must be taken apart to install an adaptor for certain butt stock accessories; however this is easy to do.
It’s easy to completely transform the look of the Project Salvo paintball machine gun with just a few cheap priced accessories.  Most of these modifications are simple to install and will also make a great difference in your gun’s performance, making it more stable and accurate to shoot farther and faster.  Add a new lengthy barrel, bipod and long range scope to turn the US Army Project Salvo into a precision replica sniper paintball gun!
Fortunately, most of the Project Salvo accessories are fairly cheap allowing you to stock up on items and not be afraid of trying something new for your favorite marker.  At, our paintball accessories are always on sale!  Shop online with us and save money when you are looking for Project Salvo parts and upgrades.  Improve your Project Salvo’s performance or give it a new look without breaking your bank!

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