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Project Salvo RIS Folding Grip

Project Salvo RIS Folding Grip

Project Salvo RIS Folding Grip
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The simplest way to improve your accuracy is by adding a grip to the forefront of your marker. This will provide more stability when aiming and result in much more accurate shooting. The Project Salvo RIS Folding Grip looks great and will greatly improve your shot.

Adding the RIS Folding Grip to the Project Salvo is totally simple and only takes a couple minutes. Tools required for assembly are included with the grip. You will love the way it looks underneath the barrel of this gun.

You will also love the versatility it will bring. Fold up the grip to carry your Project Salvo easier when running or traveling. Open the grip and snap it into it's vertical position for waste level strafing or more stable shoulder aiming.

Buy the Project Salvo RIS Folding Grip from ChoicePaintballGuns for a super cheap price! It doesn't have to cost a lot to upgrade your marker when you shop at our online store.

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