All Purpose Paintball Gun Barrels (Fits Most Markers)
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Control The Field With Expert Marksmanship When You Upgrade Your Paintball Marker With The Right Barrel Kit. We Offer The Best Precision Sniper & Rifled After Market Barrels For All Brands Of Paintball Guns For Sale At Cheap Prices

If your paintball gun can shoot farther and more accurately than anyone else’s, you will have full control of the field and be your team’s MVP every time.  Unfortunately, the stock barrels most paintball markers come with lack the pizzazz you need to stand out, allowing for barely mediocre performance by even the most skilled players.  You can instantly improve your marksmanship and gain an immediate tactical advantage by upgrading your paintball gun with a high tech after market barrel.  Paintball gun barrels are easy to install and readily available for most brand name markers, however choose wisely; there are many different lengths and styles to choose from.
10 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel10 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
12 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel12 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
14 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel14 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
16 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel16 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
18 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel18 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel
6 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel6 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
8 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel8 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
APEX2 BarrelAPEX2 Barrel
Lion's Claw Barrel Tippmann TMC 98 Thread (22mm Muzzle Threads)Lion's Claw Barrel Tippmann TMC 98 Thread (22mm Muzzle Threads)
Recon Rifled BarrelRecon Rifled Barrel
Smart Parts Freak Barrel Insert Kit Stainless SteelSmart Parts Freak Barrel Insert Kit Stainless Steel
Valken M17 Fluted Rifled Barrel - 11.5 inchValken M17 Fluted Rifled Barrel - 11.5 inch
Valken M17 Fluted Rifled Barrel - 15.5 inchValken M17 Fluted Rifled Barrel - 15.5 inch

Sniper paintball guns are designed to shoot accurately at a long ranges and they all have one thing in common… a long sniper barrel.  However you don’t have to be a sniper to enjoy the benefits of a paintball gun that shoots farther and straighter.  Upgrading your paintball gun barrel is one of the cheapest and best ways of doing this.  With the right barrel kit you will also upgrade your marker’s appearance for the ultimate custom tactical look.
Give your competition paintball gun the best compliment by accessorizing it with a high tech barrel.  For the best performance of your tournament marker, choose a precision barrel made of the lightest materials for the easiest and fastest wielding on the field.  Many barrels designed for top competition guns come in various colors to match your system; shiny sheens, zany graphics and 2-piece section barrels are terrific for adding a custom professional look and a fierce profile.
Competition paintball gun barrels that are made of extremely lightweight metals (like aluminum), carbon fiber, fiberglass and even ceramic offer the best balance of weight and performance.  Compare to other materials, these barrels are a bit more fragile and should be removed from your gun and kept in a protective container when off the field.  Many barrels for top tournament style markers are also available in different bore sizes for the ability to exactly match the size paintball with the internal diameter of the barrel for the most power and precision possible.
For tactical paintball guns, the right barrel will also lend a fierce custom look to you’re your marker its specific identity for the position you play.  For example, a short 3 inch barrel will turn any paintball marker into a compact sub machine gun, while longer barrels (in the 18-22 inch range) help transform your gun into an accurate sniper.  Lengthier barrels will also help you shoot longer range distances more accurately as well, however can also add more weight to your gun as well as a different balance.
When purchasing, look for barrels with certain characteristics that add to its performance.  For example, some of the best paintball gun barrels are rifled.  Rifled barrels have tiny grooves that run its length inside to help glide and guide the paintball down the bore.  This reduces spin and helps stabilize the ball in flight, making for a farther, much straighter shot.  You may also want to consider a barrel that’s ‘fluted’.  Fluted barrels have a series of tiny holes in the end of them that cause air to be pushed out ahead of the paintball.  This reduces drag and increases the speed and distance of your shot.  Some paintball gun barrels also have a spiral groove pattern inside to produce a certain spin on the ball for an enhanced flight pattern as well.
Whether you’re looking to transform your marker into the ultimate sniper paintball gun or just want a straighter shot, increasing your shot performance is easy by adding a new barrel.  Upgrading your paintball gun’s barrel is cheap and easy when you buy one from ChoicePaintballGuns!  We offer the latest innovations in paintball barrel technology at great low prices so you can save money and stay ahead of the pack.  If you have any questions about any of the paintball gun barrels we have in our online store, please don’t hesitate to email or call us.

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