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APEX2 Barrel

APEX2 Barrel

APEX2 Barrel
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The APEX2 Barrel has again redefined how paintball is played.  With a new stealth look, the APEX2 Barrel will provide you with unmatched distance and accuracy enabling you to hit targets that you thought were unhittable before.  The adjustable ramp switch now comes with 9 levels of control to customize your level of curve and spin, from no spin to unbelievable.  The APEX2 also allows you to disassemble the barrel without tools for easy maintenance.

The APEX2 like the original APEX barrel can still produce long ball distance shots, shots that “drop down from the heavens”, left and right curve balls, and with its re-designed internal section allow for longer- flatter trajectory shots with the twist of the barrel.  Opponents can run but can’t hide with the new APEX2 from Empire Battle Tested.

The APEX barrel causes such dramatic improvement in your paintball gun’s distance and accuracy, it will completely change the way you play paintball.  Once you try the APEX barrel, you will want one on every gun you have or will ever get.  The control this barrel gives you is such an advantage on the paintball field, you will almost feel like you’re cheating!

The APEX is a small barrel that fits on the end of a rifled barrel.  It’s 4 inches long and will fit on any rifled barrel with threading on the end; it works best with the Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrel or the 7/8 inch Recon Rifled Barrel.  If you don’t have a rifled barrel, the APEX will not work with the threads and you will need an adaptor (also sold in our store).

Here’s how it works… the APEX barrel has a small switch on its side allowing you to choose what you want it to do. With the flick of a switch you can choose to curve your shot left, right, up or down.  You can also choose a straighter, farther trajectory.  The APEX barrel can be compared to Tippmann’s Flatline Barrel in distance and accuracy.

It’s hard to believe but the APEX barrel will actually allow you to curve your shot around objects to hit your target.  The switch on the side will let you change the level of curve to precisely dial in your opponent’s position.  Your enemies only thought they were safe hiding behind bunkers!

The APEX barrel will add distance and uncanny precision to your shooting ability. Being able to customize and curve your shot will open up elements of new tactical strategy – you can make impossible shots with this barrel! Get yours at a great low price at Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure if the APEX will fit your paintball gun and we will be glad to help.

- On/Off capability
- Adjustable ramp switch - choose the desired level of curve
- Left hook, right hook, drop shot and long flat trajectory shots
- Hit previously untouchable targets with new curve feature
- Easy to “Dial In” targets and change the level of curve

The APEX Thread On Barrel is compatible with all Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrels, any Tactical Rifled Barrels or 7/8th inch Recon Barrels.

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